Notes from the Weekend

& this Week’s Links

Notes from the Weekend & this Week’s Links 01.05.23

IN GERMAN, the word lebensfreude refers to the joy of life, the love of living and enjoying life’s pleasures, and the appreciation of the beauty of existence. An optimistic and positive term, the word reflects a happy and contented attitude towards life. If you were to look for an English equivalent, I suppose the word eudaimonia could be used to describe a love of living and the beauty of life. Greek in origin, eudaimonia translates to “human flourishing” or “well-being” and is often associated with Aristotle’s philosophy of ethics. In modern usage, eudaimonia is often used to describe a state of happiness and fulfilment that comes from living a meaningful and purposeful life. The word encompasses the idea of living well and fully, finding joy and beauty in life’s experiences, and pursuing personal growth and development. Perhaps other terms such as “joy of living” or “love of life” are more commonly used now, but the word still captures the essence of what it means to truly appreciate and embrace the beauty of life. I mention these things because that was how I was feeling this past bank holiday weekend, when we found ourselves in the midst of an enchanted mossy forest, standing in front of a trickling brook strewn with moss-covered rocks. (If you saw our Stories, you would know what I mean.) We were on the way to see a waterfall and the brook, mossy trees, and rocks were on the way. All this was after a delicious Sunday roast at a pub in a town we had once considered moving to, and traipsing around a lockdown-famous market town we’d been meaning to visit for awhile now. It was wonderful to take some time out to relax and take things a little more slowly before this very busy week…

This week’s links include seven rooms that encapsulate the interiors mood right now; and a new framed Sailing print at The Shop; beauty essentials, the world’s best bookcase, and much, much more.


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This Week's Links

Seven rooms that encapsulate the interiors mood right now

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• For the weekend: this Off-Shoulder Smock Dress and these Cat-eye tortoiseshell-acetate sunglasses

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• In the kitchen: this Pink & Orange Two Tone Teapot and this new framed Sailing Print

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