Notes from the Weekend

& this Week’s Links

Notes from the Weekend & this Week’s Links 24.05.23

WHERE HAS everyone gone? The internet seems a bit quiet lately. Spring break, perhaps? On holiday? Out and about in the world and spending less time online? That’s what we’ve been doing lately. Long walks along the river to the flutterings of fallen apple blossoms and rearranging pink roses in vintage glass vases. That sort of thing. Plotting and planning and dreaming and scheming. And a little reading as well. Taking time to enjoy the quiet before everything changes. Oh, remember how last week I told you that I lost an entire week’s worth of design work due to distraction? Well P was able to miraculously restore everything (and I’m normally the technical one between us), and everything is now back to as it should be. Hopefully this lucky streak continues. Was reading an article last week about how many companies had made projections based on people’s behaviours during the pandemic, thinking that they were not just temporary shifts, but permanent ones, but that has turned out to false. They believed that people had altered their behaviour forever, but after pandemic restrictions lifted, people wanted their old lives back and to be outside again; to buy less things and do more things instead. Many businesses made this miscalculation. So if you’re finding yourself wanting to be outside more, and eating in restaurants and going for drinks, or booking a flight somewhere far away from home, you’re one of those people proving these projections wrong.

This week’s links include an old hunting lodge on the edge of Badminton Park and romantic ruffled dresses for spring days; linen overshirts and organic cotton blue jeans for him, a recipe for fennel, orange, watercress and olive salad, and much, much more.


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This Week's Links

• Décor: Swangrove, an old hunting lodge that sits on the edge of Badminton Park

• Spring Things: this Lace Ruffle Dress and these Gold Leather Sandals

• The art of Jean Arp

• In the Kitchen: this Bamboo Metal Flatware and the Framed Still Life (New!)

• Places: Lyfe, a minimal bakery located in Guangzhou, China

• At Home: this Skipper Jug and this Framed Still Life

• Tips for Creating an Eat-In Kitchen that Works

• For him: this Linen Overshirt and these Blue Jeans

• Recipe: Fennel, orange, watercress and olive salad

• Shopping List: this Body Lotion and this Purifying Cleanser