Tomber Amoureux

New classics for modern romantics.

Roseline London / Roseline Lohr Tomber Amoureux Fine Jewellery

I believe in fully immersing myself in places when I live there. When we lived in Edinburgh, I embraced warm pubs on rainy days and long walks in the New Town. When we lived in the English countryside, there were Sunday drives on winding roads, long bicycle rides to the seaside and July picnics in secret gardens. Likewise, when we lived in Spain, I grew golden with the sun, wore billowy dresses and strappy sandals, and added wicker made by local artisans to the TIG Shop. I also had the idea to create my own jewellery line to reflect the Meditarranean on a midsummer’s day. It was all only to be 18k gold, Baroque pearls and diamonds, and everything was to be simple and modern with an old-world romantic feel. New classics for modern romantics was how I described it. These are some of my favourite pieces in the capsule collection we launched in the winter of 2019.

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