Notes from the Weekend

& this Week’s Links

Notes from the Weekend & this Week’s Links 08.07.24

LAST WEEK, I read about a woman who left her life in New Orleans behind and bought a one-way ticket to Paris. She’s been roaming France, Italy, and now Scotland for the past two years. Lately, I’ve been stumbling across quite a few stories of people ditching their usual lives to run away to Europe. It’s funny – here at TIG, the two most-clicked articles recently are 6 Indispensable Websites for Finding a Home in Europe and Five Books : Why Deciding Where to Live May be the Most Important Decision you Make. For some reason, an old editorial has been getting a lot of views too. Given all this, I guess it makes sense that this week’s newsletter for paid subscribers launched our new series of London Recommendations. This instalment includes my favourite coffee shop in Mayfair; a new cheese and charcuterie bar on Regent; a cosy pub in Chelsea; a popular soup spot in Soho; the best place for champagne cocktails, and more. For next week’s instalment, we’re thinking of doing one for the city of Valencia (P’s idea), since we know so many great places (including a wonderful secret restaurant that you won’t find in guide books). Which reminds me, you might be interested in this series as well.

This week’s links include 11 of the most idyllic vineyards to visit in the UK; and the search for London’s Best Sunday Roast; the best facial cleansers, summer sandals, perfect t-shirts, and much, much more.


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