Sunday Best Vol. 01 | No. 04

Do What You Love

Sunday Best Vol. 01 | No. 04: Do What You Love
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Sunday Best is a brand new feature here at TIG that we plan on making a recurring one. Each Sunday, we will bring you a cross-section of interesting articles, links, ideas, music, culture, and anything else we think might be interesting or entertaining⏤the perfect supplement to your Sunday and one we hope you will add to your routine.

Do What You Love

Over the past while, I have been seeing an increasing amount of articles about people hating their jobs or quitting jobs they hate and still feeling miserable; this is on the back of the Great Resignation, which began in early 2021, precipitated by the pandemic. Some stats from 2021 revealed that 40% of the global workforce was considering quitting their jobs.

The work exodus seems to be largely driven by millennials and zoomers who are looking for more flexible positions and value a better work-life balance, and in turn are less likely to tolerate being dissatisfied with their work.

There are, of course, a host of complicated reasons for this cultural shift in how people feel about and view work, but there seems to have been a definite shift pre and post-pandemic in the zeitgeist. Listen to Drake’s 2013 anthem Started From The Bottom:

and the message is clear: Work hard, stay loyal to friends and family, and success will follow. Fast forward to 2022 and Beyoncé’s post-pandemic hit Break, My Soul:

…which is a call to quit soul-crushing jobs in pursuit of better opportunities. The two songs, separated by almost a decade, mark a radically different worldview that has perhaps come from people reevaluating their lives and what is important to them in the wake of the pandemic, particularly against the backdrop of stagnated wages and steep hurdles to get on the property ladder.

Presumably, Elon Musk hasn’t updated his playlist in some time and was still banging to Started From The Bottom when he gave the employees at Twitter the ultimatum to commit to working “extremely hardcore” or resign.

 Comically, the ultimatum led to mass resignations.

The idea of not feeling fulfilled or particularly enjoying your job is nothing new⏤see, for instance, the late 90s classic black comedy, Office Space, starring Jennifer Aniston and Ron Livingston, which brilliantly explores these themes. The main difference now, as opposed to then, seems to be that the internet offers a variety of turnkey solutions and platforms to market yourself and your skills as a way out of being trapped in unfulfilling jobs.

FACT: The film Office Space was written and directed by Mike Judge, the creator of Beavis and Butt-Head. The 1999 feature film was adapted from a 2 min short cartoon created by Judge in 1992:

Goblin Mode

Avoid going into permanent goblin mode⏤strategies for those unhappy in their jobs:

Never quit a job impulsively

Figure out why you are unhappy in your job: Is it the people, the pay, or specific tasks? Perhaps you can speak with someone in your work setup to make some changes

The Grass-Is-Greener effect: Make sure you are not running away into a similar situation. Reflect clearly on your current circumstances and what you specifically want from your next job.

If you are starting your own venture, consider keeping your job and starting your own venture on the side before committing fully to the project

Get some advice and run your plans past close friends and confidants

George Costanza sees the pitfalls of quitting your job without a plan:

Made Us Laugh

Heat Vision and Jack: “Heat Vision and Jack” is a cult classic comedy science-fiction television pilot from 1999 created by Rob Schrab and Dan Harmon, and directed by Ben Stiller; the pilot starred Jack Black, Owen Wilson, and Ron Silver.

Be Careful With your Email Address

A New York Times article cautions about divulging your email information to companies and app makers. An email address can be very revealing, as it is linked to a lot of other data that can be used to track you across various online activities. An article in PC magazine recommends ways to stay under the radar.


Daniel Avery Ultra Truth: The album, released in mid-2022, was one of our favourite releases of the year. It is an absorbing and immersive album, with dusty grimy propulsive beats tempered with swelling strings and airy vocal melodies.

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