Sunday Best Vol. 01 | No. 02

All About Productivity

Sunday Best Vol. 01 | No. 02: All About Productivity

Sunday Best is a brand new feature here at TIG that we plan on making a recurring one. Each Sunday, we will bring you a cross-section of interesting articles, links, ideas, music, culture, and anything else we think might be interesting or entertaining⏤the perfect supplement to your Sunday and one we hope you will add to your routine.

Continuing on from last week’s theme of getting the best start to the new year, this week we will take a look at productivity, and more specifically, looking at the book Building a Second Brain, by Tiago Forte. Essentially, the book teaches a methodology of dealing with the massive amounts information and media we all consume each day by sorting and storing the information in a useful way that is accessible once we require that information. The premise is that by offloading the information from our brains, we can free up brain power and time to be more creative in our thinking.

The main idea of this methodology is to store everything that might be useful for things you are working on, and things that you might want to reference at a later date, including written notes, digital notes, videos, voice recordings, articles, websites, images and highlights from books. The important thing is to create an organised structure for storing and accessing the information easily. The book goes into detail about apps you can use and a file structure for organising everything and getting the most out of this system. You can use the system to organise everything from starting a business or renovating your home, to organising your personal finances or planning a trip.

At TIG, we are using the wonderful which is a powerful bookmark manager that allows for the storage of all kinds of files that can be arranged in a pleasing visual style. We highly recommend it. For note-taking, you can try Simple Note, Bear, or Notability.

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Swift Notes

Speaking of taking notes, maybe we have all been holding our pens the wrong way:

Why Does Taylor Swift Hold Her Pen Like That? 

N.Y. State of Mind

The 25 Most Significant New York City Novels From the Last 100 years 

A New York Times article in which a group of writers discuss NYC in fiction in which the city is more than a mere setting. A few selections of the novels covered:

Native Speakers by Chang Rae Lee, 1995

Rosemarys baby by Ira Levin, 1967

Another country by James Baldwin, 1962

The Fortress of solitude by Jonathan Lethem, 2003

Manhattan Transfer by John dose  Passos, 1925

The 25 Essential Dishes to Eat in New York City

Made Us Laugh


North London producer Loraine James takes a departure from the glitch-tinged dance music she has become known for and released an album taking an ambient turn, under the name Whatever The Weather. The self-titled album drifts, exploring different sonic textures mimicking the warm and cool temperatures of different seasons. The soundtrack is perfect for unwinding or as background music while you read.

Listen to the album on your favourite streaming service here.

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Enjoy your Sunday wherever you are.

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