Notes from the Weekend & a Few Lovely Links

Notes from the Weekend & a Few Lovely Links 22.08.22

WE HAVE BEEN eating salads and chick peas and tofu and taking many vitamins (especially B12) and tomorrow, it will be a month since we’ve had any alcohol. It’s a reset of sorts, and it’s been good to get things back on track after so many hot summery day indulgences. Last Wednesday we went up to Scotland to visit P’s 94-year-old grandmother and on the way home, stopped for dinner in a small town in Cumbria that we’d been to once before, but only briefly. You might have seen the photos on Stories. The weather has returned to normal for English summers, so that means no more sultry summer days, which also means that we’ve been mostly indoors again. I’ve been frantically catch up on reading on my off time, with three books on the go and two weeks’ worth of newspapers. Currently reading an article about quantum physics and consciousness. I was recently telling friends about the first summer we were in Yorkshire after finding old photos. P had planned the entire trip, with some time in Scotland as well. I had just started a new job three weeks earlier and was not supposed to book holidays until after three months (and especially not in the coveted month of June) but I charmed my bosses into letting me go. We began the trip with a night in the west to visit Andrew, an old school chum of P’s. He took us for long walks along the moors and to the most cosy country pubs. We also had dinner at an excellent restaurant (I had the lemon sole au gratin).

This week’s links include the a minimalist coastal villa in the Netherlands and Breton stripes for summer days; gold cutlery sets, cowboy boots, the best hotels in Greece, and much, much more.


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A few lovely links :


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