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Finding VIVIAN MAIER is the story of a remarkable photographer who led an unremarkable life. It was only after her death that a treasure trove of over 150,000 images that she had taken during her life–and never shown anyone–was DISCOVERED. Her street PHOTOGRAPHY has been described by some, as perhaps among the finest examples of mid-20th century photography, drawing comparisons to the renowned work of Robert Frank and Diane Arbus.

Maier’s work was discovered at a STORAGE BOX auction by an amateur historian JEFF MALOOF in 2007. Maloof has also written and directed the film with Charlie Siskel. The FILM attempts to piece together what is known about Mailer–who lived and worked as NANNY in Chicago for most of her life–through interviews with people she knew and worked for. | Film Review : Finding Vivian Maier

Kirk Douglas at the premiere of the movie Spartacus in Chicago, IL. October 13, 1960

In the end, the film raises as many questions as it answers, but all the same, this is a FASCINATING portrait of a mysterious woman with a HIDDEN TALENT. –P. | Film Review : Finding Vivian Maier

New York, NY | Film Review : Finding Vivian Maier

Canada | Film Review : Finding Vivian Maier

Self-Portrait, 1978 | Film Review : Finding Vivian Maier

Chicago, 1979 | Film Review : Finding Vivian Maier

1956 | Film Review : Finding Vivian Maier

Self-Portrait, Undated | Film Review : Finding Vivian Maier

Self-Portrait, 1950s | Film Review : Finding Vivian Maier

Chicago, August 1975 | Film Review : Finding Vivian Maier

Audrey Hepburn at the Chicago premiere of “My Fair Lady” at the RKO Palace Theater. October 23, 1964

All photography by Vivian Maier | View more in the slideshow at the top of the page.

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  • What a coincidence! I wrote about Maier on my blog this week too. I love the photos you included of the mother and daughters at the art museum and the one with the men and woman all wearing bright yellow. Priceless!

  • Janet Peterson said...

    This movie is great. And there’s another really fascinating one that the BBC made. Very different:

  • What beautiful photography. Thank you so much for sharing; would really not have been made aware otherwise!

    p.s. totally agree with Claire’s comment. Have been thoroughly enjoying PFM’s posts.


  • Sophie said...

    This is fab, only just stumbled across this and have been looking at her photographs ever since! Mesmerizing to think that such a talent was hidden behind closed doors for so long.

  • Claire said...

    Just to say I am loving PFM’s contributions to This is Glamorous. They add another dimension to an already great website.

  • This is fascinating. It makes you wonder…. how many more people are out there with hidden talents that could bring beauty to the world.

  • Meg S said...

    Saw this film last night – absolutely fascinating. I’ve been looking at her photos all morning.

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