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A shimmering start to the week, Reflective Palace, is an enchanting art installation from 2006. Titled, “To Breathe – A Mirror Woman”, Korean artist Kimsooja transformed the Palacio de Cristal in Madrid one summer. Using the original architectural structure, the artist reconstructed the interior of the 22-metre high building entirely, placing mirrors on the floor and coating windows in a translucent diffraction film.

Reflective Palace_Sooja 1

The result was the natural creation of endless rainbows, and viewers were invited to step into this world of wonders. A soundtrack of the artist’s breathing played in the mirrored backdrop, deepening the experience, transforming the Palacio de Cristal into a true place of reflection.

Reflective Palace_Sooja 2

The interaction between the altered space and the use of sound, encouraged visitors to travel through the palace by following both the artist’s and their own breathing, in a way of reflecting on others and themselves, much like their surrounding surfaces.

Reflective Palace_Sooja 3

A place that was once built to exhibit flora and fauna from the Philippines, was transformed by Kimsooja into a reflective palace that reconfigured the concept of space and left much for us to think upon and dream about. –Anita

Reflective Palace_Sooja 4

[Images via art21 // Fun of Art // This is Colossal]

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    Kimsooja is awesome! Just a note to correct though—her legal name is Kim Sooja but her artist name is Kimsooja, and should be written spelled that way, and she is referred to in full never just by her last name like other artists. On a side note, in Asia especially Korea where she is from, the last name is put first so her last name is Kim and her first name Sooja. But because she goes by her full artist name as one word, anytime we write about her in art writing it’s best to use the entire Kimsooja name. The full artist name as one word is an intentional thing for her. My gallery just did a major exhibition about her so thought I would share this bit of info. Lovely work!

  • Such an amazing building! It looks like standing inside a soap bubble!

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