{at the cinema | film : midway by chris jordan}


{at the cinema | film : midway by chris jordan}

. . . in the middle of the north pacific ocean, on one of the most remote islands in the world, there live millions of birds — laysan albatross and black-footed albatross, and, despite the island’s location thousands of miles away from civilization . . .

I wonder if there may be some value in simply honoring this in-between place, acknowledging the space of open possibility where we stand. This is the moment of dissolution before the new form emerges, the imaginal space of potential from which all else will flow. As the marine scientist Sylvia Earle says: the next ten years are the most important in the next ten thousand.“

– Chris Jordan

{at the cinema | film : midway by chris jordan}

[midway, a film by photographer & cultural activist, chris jordan, will be released later this year // website // facebook // twitter // support // top image via here]

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  • Anonymous said...

    :( my heart hurts. We must be kinder to the earth and all it’s beautiful creatures

  • Jarring…which is what is needed. I am ashamed of not living every single day more conscious of our impact on the world. While we may be far more aware than previous generations, we truly have so far to go. I will be passing this on to everyone, with the fervent hope we can eclipse environmental disaster in the next ten years, so there IS another ten thousand.

  • Anonymous said...

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful film that carries such an important message. As I become more conscious and aware of my own personal impact on Mother Earth and make changes to reduce that impact it is films like this that motivate me to change so that I am kinder to Mother Earth and all of her beings. I am surely going to pass this on to my friends. Looking forward to when it comes out. Again thank you!

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