{give-away | always glamorous gold : the amphora necklace by emily c}

{give-away | always glamorous gold : the amphora necklace by emily c}

. . . there has been a diamond ring, a louis ghost armchair, and even an herman miller eames chair, but since — in over a year — there has not been another glamorous give-away in all this time . . .

{give-away | always glamorous gold : the amphora necklace by emily c}

. . . and there has been, perhaps, a wait and a search, of sorts, for something extraordinary to come along, something truly spectacular . . .

{give-away | always glamorous gold : the amphora necklace by emily c}

{give-away | always glamorous gold : the amphora necklace by emily c}

. . . and happily, it has . . .

. . . today’s give-away is from los angeles-based amphora by emily c, who make the most stunning necklaces that are not only lovely in & of themselves, but also function as elegant keepers of one’s favourite rings . . .

. . . perfect for valentine’s day and perfectly practical for any day of the week, amphora, is a patent pending necklace that allows one to quickly & easily attach a beloved ring [or rings], without unclasping or removing the chain . . .

{give-away | always glamorous gold : the amphora necklace by emily c}

amphora‘s innovative design was invented by emily c, who found herself, in june of 2010, newly engaged and with a beautiful ring to seal the deal, designed by the fiancé himself, around a family diamond;

. . . of course, she adored the ring, and could not bear to take it off, for fear of losing it, choosing to wear a simple gold chain around her neck, attaching the ring to it when she went to the gym, got a manicure, cooked, washed dishes, and all of the unavoidable tasks of everyday life . . .

the solution was adequate, but not perfect, for, removing the necklace many times a day was time-consuming, and so emily, began to dream up more practical ways to keep her ring safe, and perhaps, display it beautifully at the same time, both of which, she accomplished with the elegant and luxurious amphora — and the rest, as they say, is history . . .

. . . and since have already lost three diamond rings [and a watch, but that is another story], fell completely and utterly in love with the elegant, innovative design, especially after catching a glimpse of how it works — part puzzle, and part magic, am, without uncertainty, quite captivated . . .

. . . and for the very best part : one incredibly lucky glamorous reader will win a choice of the following:

| scallop design, in 14k yellow gold [$960.00 usd] or 14k white gold [$960.00 usd]

02 | heart design, in 14k yellow gold [$840.00 usd] or in 14k white gold [$840.00 usd]

{sterling silver & butterfly design also available}

T O | E N T E R :

be certain to {click here} to visit amphora by emily c or {here} to browse the selection of designs available [there is also a newly launched couture line, dripping in diamonds], then leave a comment below . . .

{bonne chance! / good luck!}


Why is it called “Amphora“? | Amphora is an ancient Greek term referring to a two handled vessel with a narrow neck, historically used to carry wine or oils. The original necklace Emily designed was in the shape of an amphora, and she loved that each necklace is, in a sense, a “vessel” for carrying precious cargo.

The Amphora necklace is carefully designed to not only securely hold your ring (or rings, such as engagement and wedding bands together), but also to feature them in a way that displays them beautifully. The necklaces are manufactured by expert jewelers in LA from solid silver, 14k yellow gold, or 14k white gold, and are currently available in 3 designs, with more on the way.

Each necklace comes packaged in a gift box, enclosed with simple and clear instructions for how to use and care for your Amphora; each is expertly and lovingly made in Los Angeles, California, out of the highest quality silver or solid yellow, white, or pink gold.

website // video // facebook // twitter

* one winner will be randomly selected and contacted by e-mail after friday, february 3, 2012; if you do not have a blog or contact e-mail on your blog, please include it with your comment for notification; this give-away is open to all readers around the world

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