{book review | a glimpse inside decorate workshop + a giveaway}


 {book review | a glimpse inside decorate workshop + a giveaway}

. . . the books could not have arrived at a better time, for we had only been in the new place for merely a day, and it was our very first piece of mail, waiting inside the grand entryway — and inside the parcel, two books — decorate, and decorate workshop . . .

 {book review | a glimpse inside decorate workshop + a giveaway}

. . . of course, many will have already flipped through or purchased the former, but perhaps you’ve not had a chance to catch a glimpse of the follow-up, decorate workshop [below], with its eight creative steps to design and style, and including many wonderful tips for defining your personal style . . .

 {book review | a glimpse inside decorate workshop + a giveaway}

. . . the book begins with thoughtful questions such as, “what is your ideal scent?”, “list the film interiors that you love”, and “list 5 cities that you adore and detail why”, taking the reader all the way through to putting the finishing touches on a newly decorated room . . .

 {book review | a glimpse inside decorate workshop + a giveaway}

. . . and if you are anything like me, with your entire holiday shopping list still in front of you, you may be delighted to know that there will be two less gifts to buy, for today, one glamorous reader will receive both books, decoratedecorate workshop, to keep for yourself, or to give as a gift for one or more of your décor-loving friends who have everything . . .

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 {book review | a glimpse inside decorate workshop + a giveaway}

T O | E N T E R :

simply leave a comment below, stating your favourite room in your home and why, and a winner will be selected at random on monday, december 17, 2012, and announced shortly thereafter

 {book review | a glimpse inside decorate workshop + a giveaway}

one winner will be randomly selected and contacted by e-mail after monday, december 17, 2012; if you do not have a blog or contact e-mail on your blog, please include it with your comment for notification; this give-away is open to all readers

[photography of decorate & decorate workshop   for {this is glamorous}]

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  • Needed to add my email address: ladaealee (at) gmail (dot) com

  • My favorite room is the living room for two reasons: 1, because that’s where all the books are and 2, my husband and I have managed to strike the right balance between our two styles in that room.

  • My favorite room in my apartment is my tiny bedroom. It’s a work in progress, but it’s SO cozy. It’s got white walls, a big, fluffy bed with white bedding, and an antique dresser with a beautiful mirror.

  • Melanie M. said...

    My living room – it’s where I spend most of my time well, living. It has high ceilings and a comfy couch, fireplace… perfect after a long day.

  • My favorite room is my kitchen… it doubles as a work space so I am there A LOT. I’ve always been fascinated by these books, but haven’t gotten a chance to buy them yet!

    [email protected]

  • My favorite room is our Veranda. We often entertain guests there and sip our Italian champagne: Prosecco. Or have a tea or coffee. It connects with our garden through all its windows and showcases our 90+ Delft blue houses from Royal Dutch Airlines on its upper windowsill ledge…
    Great for reading too as we have hallogene lights.
    Thanks for letting us participate in this lovely giveaway!

  • I already posted but wanted to add my email:
    [email protected]

  • @indie by heart
    and in case you can’t get to my blog, [email protected]
    is the email.

  • My favorite room in my house is my bedroom! I’ve worked hard to make it a peaceful and well designed space – neutral bedding with a linen, nailhead headboard, and glamourous touches like mirrored nightstands! :) [email protected]

  • my favorite room is the kitchen because i think it shows the most of my personality, and because i spend a lot of time in there cooking and baking, my favorite pastimes.
    [email protected]
    thank you!

  • My favorite room is my homey kitchen, where my roomie and I are able to share great meals and conversations…

    [email protected]

  • Thanks so much for this giveaway! I would love love LOVE a copy of such darling books! It would be so cool to be able to change up my home a little bit :)

    My favorite room in my house would either have to be my bedroom or my kitchen. What I love about my kitchen is that it’s where the food is (yum!) and that it’s a room of so many possibilities. It’s always fun to go into the kitchen to experiment and to create something out of nothing. I feel like a mad scientist cooking!
    Another cool thing about my kitchen is that it’s next to my living room, where my Christmas tree is currently up. The smell of the tree wafting throughout the house is lovely to the extreme and really gets me ready for the holidays.

    As for my bedroom, what is there not to like about it? I feel like I spend half of my life in my bedroom, thinking, working, sleeping, and best of all, dreaming.

  • bedroom – crisp rainy day, anthropologie quilt a steaming mug of tea and my puppy napping close by.

  • My favourite room is my bedroom.. It’s my getaway, my escape. At the moment though, it’s full of boxes after moving, and in desperate need of a little magic.

  • My living room is the best. It’s the coziest place in the house (:

  • Adrienne said...

    My favorite room in my house is my living room–it has great natural light and built in bookshelves!

  • My favorite room is my kitchen. It’s so bright in the morning and looks to my garden, I love to drink my tea and just relax after I wake up.

    I love your photography!

  • I love my bedroom because it is so relaxing!

  • Caroline said...

    I forgot my email [email protected] – fingers crossed!

  • Anonymous said...

    My favorite room, is not all room, but part of my living room, under my stairs, where I decorated with the black velvet chaise of my dreams!!
    ([email protected])

  • my favourite room is my craft room, beacause here I forget the world, real life, problems, bills to pay, work… I am free for some hours!
    thank you so much for this beautiful giveaway, ciao dall- Italia
    joyblonde at

  • I spend most of my time at home sitting at my dining room table carrying out whatever tasks I have to do. But my favorite room in my house is probably my living room, where my big comfy sofa calls my name and begs me to curl up and take a cozy nap.

  • Thank you so much for such a great give-a-way! My favorite room in my little city apartment is my bedroom. I love to sleep and after a long day at work designing other peoples’ spaces, it nice to come home to my own space that reflects and nurtures my spirit.


    [email protected]

  • My favourite room is the living-room.Our house has a high ceiling and it gives you a feeling of openess and freedom.It’s also the room where we spend all gatherings with friends and decorate it with a huge christmas tree every year!

  • Hello Roseline
    Reading your blog is the true highlight of my day, almost every day! And I have to say my favorite room of the house is my kitchen, especially with sunshine streaming through the windows, illuminating (besides the inevitable dust & piles of mail)the potted plants on the windowsill, the fruit in the bowl, and table set for a meal with my family.
    Have a lovely day, it’s finally snowing here!

  • Stephanie said...

    I love any room where my husband is <3

  • I love the neoclassical architecture in our living room and with family, dogs and a blazing fire and the room ready for the holidays- nothing could be better on a December day!
    I look forward to your blog everyday and warm wishes to you and your collaborators on this venture.
    [email protected]

  • Anonymous said...

    the bedroom of course. it is where all the important things in life happen. loving. creating. dressing. talking. reading. relaxing. sleeping. cuddling. changing. growing. it is beautiful calm space full of memories.
    [email protected]

  • My favorite room in my home is our dining room. It is full of color and life, decorated with bright sunny patterns, and anchored with a great big wooden table. I love spending time in this room, whether it is entertaining, or simply a meal with my sweet family of five. I hope I win these lovely books, as I feel like I am never done decorating! xo Haydee PS I LOVE YOUR BLOG!

  • The kitchen. It has amazing light, is where we naturally gather as a family and where my husband makes the most amazing meals.

  • I like my Family room as everyone came to this room after a long day or even when its party’s @ my home

  • Anna said...

    First of all thank’s for such a lovely give away!
    My favourite room is our kitchen, filled with the warmth both from my wonderful family and the two lovely fireplaces. Here we gather and, for the moment, enjoy the seasons all lovely smells and tastes.
    [email protected]

  • my favourite room is my only room as i live in a studio flat! but the light is lovely and the ceilings are high, both important requirements for me!

  • Our bedroom is definitely my fav room in the house, since it’s really cozy and warm. Maybe my husband would say it’s a little too feminine, because of the tulle canopy, a grand book of photographs of Audrey, but I love it so much and I know he loves it too! Cheers
    ([email protected])

  • I love my living room because there is no tv and I am surrounded by all my pretty things. I love to turn on the fireplace and read there. Thank you for the chance to win. These books look great.

  • Anonymous said...

    My library. It is filled with books and it is a mix of old and new.

    [email protected]

  • Leonie Hart said...

    I love my kitchen which I designed with my mum in mind! Thanks for the giveaway.

  • I love my bedroom because it’s so colourful and makes me happy just looking at it!

  • I love my bedroom because it’s so colorful it makes me happy just looking at it

  • Can my closet count as my favorite room? Seeing all the colors and feeling all the fabrics in my wardrobe makes me smile.

    [email protected]

  • Favorite room is the bedroom where it is my private sanctuary full of lavender color and also the scent…and a place where there’s a sense of wonder on Sunday mornings when the sunlight peeks through the blinds.

  • My favorite room is my family room- it’s eclectic and warm and cozy! Thanks for a chance at the giveaway!

  • Sandra said...

    My favourite room in my house is my kitchen! I love getting creative, baking cakes and experimenting with new recipes! I have also got a very nice collection of vintage tea cups that both decorate, and serve guests! I also love that it is like the heart of our home, as it is the centre for all activities :)
    [email protected]

  • Anonymous said...

    Definitely the bathroom. I’m obsessed with bath products :) thanks, Dalia. [email protected]

  • What a wonderful giveaway! I might have a hard time giving those away as gifts! My favorite room is my living room. I’ve slowly collected the pieces for it – all things I truly love. And when I moved in I had a contractor friend cut an arched opening in between it and the dining room and it completely changed the feel of the house. It’s a great space to entertain :)

  • Anonymous said...

    Hi there,

    That may sound strange, but the favorite room in my condo is my powder room — this is my first own condo and with limited budget, I didn’t do much remodeling but I painted my powder room eggplant purple, so fun!


  • My favorite room in my house is my girls room, I love all the soft girly touches!

  • My bedroom is my relaxing refuge. Soft colors, warm light, heavenly scents and luxurious textiles.

  • In my kitchen, the wondrous all-purpose room, I create, experience, sense. It is a sensual space that has encountered a few sensual tastes, it is a place in which i write and collage, paste images and paintings together, sip coffee in soft light, breath…My kitchen with the dark wall I scribble on even if the pastel doesn’t wash off, and I may have to pay for it; my kitchen with the dog under my feet, warming toes with sweet affectionate snorkels; my kitchen with the imprint of the one I love in every built surface, in the food I make to nourish; my kitchen is my favorite space.

  • My favourite room is my bedroom. Filled with things I love and the perfect place to snuggle with a book in to giant cushions. [email protected]

  • Lanay said...

    My favorite room is my bedroom….it’s calm, relaxing, and I never want to leave it!


  • My bedroom, because of the beautiful bay window, the golden floorboards, the ornate fireplace and – most of all – the light.

    Andrea x

  • My favorite room in the house is my bedroom. Last year I spent a few days “remodeling” it and now it is perfect- my door is completely covered with photos. My canvases are also set up so that when you walk in, they are the first thing you see. My bookcase is filled with my beloved book collection, and the curtains for my windows are made from beautiful white lace.


  • That bedroom is a dream! Upholstered walls, custom headboard, monogrammed cases??? Definitely speaks to personal style like no other! Awesome giveaway!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  • Having just left a job I less-than-loved, packed all my things into a few suitcases, and moved to New York City to live on my friends’ couches until I find an apartment, the room I love most right now is the one I’m constructing in my head for the future–sure to be cozy, hopefully to be thoughtful and bright, and certainly, to be mine.

  • My favorite room is our family room. It’s warm and full of great places to sit and read or gather with friends.

  • Anonymous said...

    I love my bedroom, it is entirely mine, and very feminine. It has lots of reading lights, a big brown suede pillow to prop me up in bed with, and lots of essential oils. I would love to own this book. [email protected]

  • My favorite room is my living room. It is decorated with my favorite color, green. It is cozy and comfortable with a few antiques. Pictures of my dogs are hung on the walls. It is a fabulous place to relax!

  • pdough said...

    My favorite room is the kitchen with the earthy brick floor and rustic antique cypress kitchen table. I love to cook, and can also catch up on emails and online recipes all in my favorite room.

  • The kitchen – its filled with yummy snacks and warmth from tea and cooking, a place where everyone gathers. It cannot get better than that :)

  • i love our living room with it’s white, teal, and gold everything! White, teal, and yellow were our colors for our happy, summery wedding, and our home is like the grown-up version of those colors, which brings me joy :)

  • My favorite room in my house is the little loft at the top of second floor landing which is filled with lovely antiques that remind me of my Grandmother and home.

  • I love my bathroom! :)

  • I love my bedroom; it means lazy days reading in bed, cuddles with loved ones, and relaxed times.

  • My favorite room is our bedroom with it’s balcony overlooking the water :) Truly love spending my mornings taking in the beautiful view.

    [email protected]

  • My favorite room is the study because of all of the hard but rewarding work that gets done in there… but it is also the least “put together” in the apartment and really needs some decor!

    Thanks for your posts, roséline!

  • Anonymous said...

    My favorite room is my bedroom because I decorated it and made it my own. It is very calming and I love the scented candles that I have and my vanity is my favorite place to sit.

    [email protected]

  • I would have to say my favorite room in my current house would be my room, everything in it is a visual of me, my style, my laziness and my life. The rest of the house is mixed with me, my sister and her two wonderful little monkeys =) Last thing the little code you have to type and get correct at the end of these in order to publish are so difficult. (not sure if its just for me lol)

  • My favorite room is our kitchen. It’s pale blue and airy, our family gathers there and talks and cooks delicious food. We have antique and worn decor to complement it.

    [email protected]

  • My favorite room is my glamorous french country bedroom – the colors (red, light blue, black and ivory), textures and antiques make me feel happy and inspired.

  • Lisa Stevens said...

    My favorite room is my living room. I love my sofa, rug, chairs, tables etc. It’s a great room to be quiet with a book or to be cozy with the whole family. I enjoy decorating my home and I feel my living room reflects who we are more than any other room in my home. Thanks!

    [email protected]

  • My bedroom is my favorite spot in the house. It’s covered in pale blues and the bed is piled high with pillows and my favorite bedding!

  • At the risk of sounding clique, my favorite rom is my bedroom! It’s where I cuddle most with my cat & my fiance, which are moments I treasure. Plus, it’s where I get my beauty rest so I can tackle each day properly!

  • My favourite room is my bedroom, I just love my bed and I often use it as an home office too!

  • My favorite room is my dining room. A French hang and cafe lights!

  • My breakfast room because of the wall to wall windows.

  • My favorite room is my living room. Why? It’s the most finished!

  • Caroline said...

    My favorite room is actually my entryway because it has a floor to ceiling window looking out into a colorful garden and a beautiful mural of an iron gate with roses intertwined. It makes a wonderful first impression!

  • Anonymous said...

    I love my living room. It carries so many memories and so many of my favorite things. <3

    [email protected]

  • I live in a college house with other girls, so my favorite room is obviously my own room! It is a small space but I’ve worked hard to make it come alive and make it my own!

  • The bedroom. I live with my family, and it’s the only place I can have some privacy (well, besides the bathroom, of course!)

    joanne243 at gmail dot com

  • Definately my bedroom, It’s beautifully styled with gorgeous wallpaper. I’ll be a little sad to be moving out of it next summer! x

  • Anonymous said...

    My living room is my favorite. Its a work in progess but so so close to being perfect. Its blue and orange, with a little bit of gold, centered around a beautiful scarf I picked up on my last visit to Siena, Italy

  • If I were to choose a favorite, I’d definitely pick my bedroom for it is where most of my ideas are born. Perhaps I’ve spent too much time in my beloved space that I have created my own universe in it.

    [email protected]

  • My favorite room is my bedroom as it is the only room that is mine, but once I have my own home I don’t know!


  • My favourite room is my bedroom, with white modern furniture, blue walls (the window wall darker than the others), japanese white curtains and marble lights… the perfect spot to rest, read and “hide” myself from the world outside.

  • My favorite room is my kitchen where I spend probably most of my time cooking, baking and cleaning:) In the middle of it is an antique wooden desk where I do my mixing and place my baking sheets.

  • We move on Saturday, the 15th into our new home! I don’t know what my favorite room will be but I am pretty sure it will be our master bathroom with attached closet. Pure white cabinets and shelving, carrera marble counter-tops, chrome fixtures and a faux slate floor with a soft gray paint. very spa-like!

  • My favourite room is my living room, with my velvet chesterfield sofa and piano with a huge glamorous black mirror hanging above it. and right now, my christmas tree is all decked out in front of the floor to ceiling window.

  • My favorite room is definitely my bedroom, which I strive to always make feel like an oasis from the rest of the world.

  • I really love our living room. Huge mirror with beautiful white frames on the wall, lovely wooden furniture and cozy couch. I’ve gathered here some lovely decor items like picture frames, candles, deer and Buddha -statues. All come together as homey, pretty & white but also slightly bohemian. Although, I would really like to get even more tips so this would be a perfect home for us.


  • my favorite room is my bedroom. it’s all in white and neutrals, with a fur rug, rustic trunk, and silver boxes. it’s a room reserved for stillness, peace, and a bit of cozy glamour.

  • My favorite room is my bedroom. It serves the purpose of being my escape and a place of comfort and solitude. It also most accurately reflects my style and represents me.

  • My favorite room is my bedroom, while it is relaxing it’s also glamorous and I truly enjoy spending time reading in bed!

  • My favorite room is our reading/breakfast nook. This room is set just outside the kitchen and is only used to have morning coffee/bites or as a place to have a quiet reading session. Soft light sets in the windows at sunrise; a truly peaceful tucked away spot.

  • My favorite room in my home is my kitchen, since it is the biggest room and I love to cook and spend time with my fiance and guests while I entertain.

  • My favorite is most definitely my bedroom. My bed with it’s tufted gray headboard is not only ridiculously comfortable but beautiful as well!

    [email protected]

  • My favorite room is the twin’s nursery. It’s the only room, since our move, that I took the time to paint and make ‘just right’. I wanted it to be perfect our little miracle babies when they came home from their three month NICU journey. #28weekpreemie

  • My favorite room is my kitchen. For being so tiny it gets the job done and is extra cozy :)

  • My favourite room is my bathroom, I sat in the bath with bubbles, it is my thinking spot, I come up with my best ideas when I am relaxed in silence & the sweet smell of flowers and bubbles are always a delight :) These are beautiful books :) xx

  • My living room, because it has 3 bookshelves of books and my grandparents paintings.

  • Jennifer B. said...

    I love my bedroom – soft greens and plum with a hint of navy. My bed is my refuge from the day in clean white sheets with my little dog right by my side reading my favorite blogs while drinking hot tea.

  • My favorite room is my dining room. I have a french provincial style table from 1924 and I use it to entertain and a workspace for my DIY projects. The space is beautiful and inspiring!

  • I love my bedroom, which is currently shades of purple. I have a shade up right now that keeps it very dark and helps me sleep heavenly!
    [email protected]

  • My favorite room is my bedroom! It’s filled with books and trinkets and cozy blankets, all of which I love. I can spend all day happily engaged in art projects and a good book in my room.

  • My favorite room is my daughter’s nursery. It’s bright, airy and feminine, with s touch of whimsy.


  • My favorite room these days has been the kitchen. I spend a lot of time there prepping things for family and friends. It is also home to my tea collection and I have a few cups a day. I live in an apartment so I can see nearly everything happening in my home from this space. And right now the large counter that connects the kitchen and living room is supporting my 3 foot Christmas tree, making this area a focal point.

    I am in desperate need of this book! My home needs some, shall we say, love to the interiors :)
    [email protected]

  • I love my living room. It’s a bit of a hodge podge, but it’s our main living space and had lots of my favorite things.

  • My favorite room is my office/guest room. It’s warm, welcoming, girly and soft. The room is full of creams and deep reds, it’s so relaxing for me and guests alike. [email protected]

  • Anna said...

    I love my bedroom which is white and gold, with bed linen that treads the line between crisp and soft perfectly, and a big fire and fireplace with pictures I’ve collected since forever! Sitting room comes a close second though, with so many paintings and sofas you could get lost in…

  • My bedroom, because it is cozy, filled with white, and the only room that is just for me!

  • Faati said...

    Family room is my favorite room. That’s the place everyone gathers together after a long day to relax, chat and have a good time :) And now our christmas tree is in the family room, which makes the room even lovelier!
    [email protected]

  • My favorite room is my main room…I live in a studio. Somehow all my pieces of furniture fit nicely & the red is just enough pop of color, & my trinkets fit nicely in their lil cabinets and when it’s clean I love coming home and being relaxed in the welcoming space. =) Please count me in for a copy for this book…It really looks awesome & I think I could learn a lot from it!

    Ergo – Blog

  • my favorite room is my bedroom because it is very personal and has my beautiful perfumes and collections in it.

  • My favorite room would be my living room. I live with a roommate and this is our space to relax and connect after long days at work. It definitely needs some work, decor-wise, but it’s home!


  • my favorite room in my house is my bedroom. I recently redecorated it, experimenting with gold light switch panels, a cloud blue/grey paint and fun, yet whimsical decorations. I love going to sleep and waking up with the sun in that room!

  • I love my living room. It serves as a place to relax and to entertain!

    shanahattis at gmail dot com

  • this is wonderful! :) [email protected]

  • My kitchen! Because it’s the hub of good conversation and food. Add to that some quirky pictures and wine bottle collection and it’s the place to be morning, noon or night, Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn.

  • My bedroom, of course! Until I move out and get a house of my own, that’s the only room that truly reflects my style… :)
    REC804 at hotmail dot com

  • My living room because it has large windows that bring in perfect natural light.

  • KH_Tas said...

    My favourite room is the studio, with watercolours and pencils, scraps of silk and ribbon, and hints of so many possibilities.

  • My favorite room is our kitchen. All of the action takes place here- People are feed, discussions are had, parties are enjoyed and lives are shared. It doesn’t hurt that it’s beautiful!

  • My favorite room is my bedroom!

  • My favourite room is definitely my bedroom!

  • I recently moved to Chicago for law school; given budget restraints, I had to “downgrade” to a studio apartment. My favorite room is y only room! Luckily, my apartment is a convertible studio, so my bed area actually feels semi-like a bedroom. However, given the space constraints, I am constantly looking for additional decorating tips!
    [email protected]

  • My favourite room is my living room. It’s where I relax after a hard days work, where I entertain my friends and where I love to sit with my amazing boyfriend. x

  • My favorite room must be my bedroom with soft lilac wallpaper, dark rug and rich, royal blue curtains!
    First room where I could choose the decor myself, loving it ever since!
    patinated at gmail dot com

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