{holiday travel inspiration: australia}


{holiday travel inspiration: australia}

. . . with the exception of one christmas in florida, have always spent the holidays somewhere where there is the possibility of swirling and softly falling snow — whether paris or anywhere else in the world, the holidays were always a winter wonderland in late december, and while shall always love a blanket of snow on christmas day, have sometimes wondered what it would be like to celebrate in a place where the sun shone brightly and warmly and it was summertime, and realise that it would be quite the same, if you are with those you love, with the exception, of course, that you could trim the tree with freshly picked gardenias and host a holiday dinner party outdoors . . .

{images: homelife}

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  • Most beautiful photo shoot ever!


  • awww that is so cute with that horsey!! =) I’ve never been anywhere where it’s been really warm for Christmas. It must be a lil weird, but still just as special! =)

    Melanie’s Randomness

  • This is the way it should be! It’s all relative, yes?

    As an Australian in the northern hemisphere, I still can’t get used to having a white Christmas! It feels right to me to have a hot day, lots of icy cold drinks and a fresh seafood feast at Christmas!

  • I am’s official…time for the holidays!! Fa la la la la….

  • loving that first photo!

  • That sounds gorgeous, but I do love my snow!

  • Oh no if it’s Christmas I want it to be cold and snowy if possible!

  • Oh what beautiful photos! The horse is a majestic touch to an already lovely setting. I used to live in San Diego where Christmas-time was very much warmer than usual. It was a little strange but I like a change of pace, and there is nothing like ice-skating by the beach under the sun. :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  • This is how I have always know Christmas to be … beach, sun and bbq’s …

    But I now live in London … and it is oh so beautiful being covered in a blanket of white … it really does have a very different christmasy feel

  • The warm weather here in Australia means that there’s no mulled wine but I am hosting a Christmas cocktail party in the garden.

  • there is nothing i love more than outdoor dining. so summer and so chic! makes me long for a holiday.

  • if only the rain would go away though!!

    this is my first crimbo in sydney and my family arrive next week – i promised them a sun filled ozzie summer with prawns and beaches…fingers crossed! Christmas is just gorgeous no matter the weather though :-)

    Gorgeous pictures


  • Oh my, I want to travel there and just explore the country for days.

  • It always blows my mind when I remember that Christmastime in Australia is in the middle of summer! I live in Southern California, though, where it’s sometimes 85 degrees on Christmas Day, so it’s probably not all that different!

  • Whilst I love a snowy Christmas there is something special about a warm Christmas here in Australia – we have turkey and all that but also lots of seafood and mango and oysters and raspberries, and all those wonderful summary things. xo

  • too breathtaking for words.
    the grey looks like my horse.
    i love decorating outdoor trees.
    oh to be at that table under the tree!


  • What a gorgeous post this evening:) This is such a pretty time of the year. We are waiting for the first snowfall here in New England:)
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  • These are beautiful … and now I want gardenias on my tree!

  • I’m Australian and moved to LA 5 years ago and whilst LA would not be considered as actually cold per say, I prefer cooler Christmas’ by far! The holidays are about eating and enjoying all the food and wonderful celebrations that come with the festive mood! It gets so hot this time of year in Aus that the festive spirit can sometimes seem more of an effort! haha We do know how to party though, I’ll give us that!

  • Oh this is so beautiful, I have this magazine and have just scanned these very same pictures….snap.

    It’s starting to heat up over here, so I’m thinking a snow filled Christmas may be a wonderful change!

    Have a lovely day,
    xxx DJ

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