Notes from the Weekend

& this Week’s Links

Notes from the Weekend & this Week’s Links 10.06.24
Ischia, Italy by @lucylaucht

LAST WEEK at our newsletter, I posted a lengthy and intricately crafted post on The Return of Rich Woods, filled with wonderful information and even more beautiful interiors inspiration. In hindsight, it might have been much better suited here rather than there. We’re still figuring out how to keep these two spaces separate and what sorts of content would work best where. It would seem that overly long emails could feel burdensome, so shorter, essay-style pieces might be better suited for the newsletter. On the other hand, it’s always nice to receive emails with lots of beautiful images. Since we’re still not sure, we’ve developed a Reader Survey that’s quick and easy and would help us so much if you took a moment to let us know your thoughts. (Thank you!) In other news, I’ve taken up running, as we’ve inadvertently sold the exercise bike in an exceptionally mad clearout. So no more films during cardio. The end of an era, really. Anyway, back to the running. It really isn’t my thing at all, and much less fun than cycling to classic films, but P and I are doing it together, so that’s actually rather nice. I’ll let you know how it compares fitness-wise, but so far, it definitely feels like much harder work. Hope your week is off to a wonderful start.

This week’s links include 10 big things predicted to happen in the next 10 years, and the world’s first phone-free tourist island; how to ear your way through Paris in 24 hours, and much, much more.


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This Week's Links

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10 big things we think will happen in the next 10 years

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• Finland introduces the world’s first phone-free tourist island

• For summer nights: this Layered Knit Maxi Dress & this Eau de Parfum

• Why Therapy Is Broken

• Perfect Pairs: this Cashmere Jumper & this Linen Short