Notes from the Weekend

& this Week’s Links

Notes from the Weekend & this Week’s Links 08.04.24
Franziska Nazarenus

LAST WEEK, during cardio, was watching a film in which two of the main characters were a British couple living somewhere in Italy. Italy, of course, was very much a main character itself, with its terracotta orange and olive green and blindingly sunny skies. It looked idyllic. At some point near the end of the film, however, the woman expresses her desire to leave the country and go back to where she belongs, where it’s dark and damp and the milk goes off. I laughed wryly. I guess that’s one way of romanticising the weather here. After an especially bleak winter, we were actually thinking of the opposite, of leaving here for the sunny skies of Spain again. One astute reader actually wrote in the comments on Instagram a few years ago that she thought I was happiest in Spain and why did I move? I thought it funny at the time, but now I realise that she may have been right. Of course, we’re heading into summer finally, and London summers are beautiful, so we’re not planning on making any grand moves just yet.

This week’s links include an Italian Villa vibe in a New Jersey apartment, and taupe cardigans and cat-eye sunglasses for spring days; how to keep indoor plants alive, how to eat and drink like a local in Madrid, and much, much more.


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This Week's Links

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• Spring Basics: this Taupe Cardigan & these Cat-Eye Sunglasses

• Italian Villa Vibe in a New Jersey Apartment

• At the office: this Jacquard Jacket & these Pintucked Joggers

• Winners of the 2024 World Nature Photography Awards

• For April days: this Cashmere Polo Sweater & these Raffia Slides

Keep Indoor Plants Alive With These Non-Basic Tips

• Black basics: this Cotton Sweater & these Linen-Blend Trousers

• The 12 Ultimate Hero Foods: Improve Your Meals in Seconds

• At home: Calabrian & Morita Chile Oil & this Night Blooming Jasmine Candle