Notes from the Weekend

& this Week’s Links

Notes from the Weekend & this Week’s Links 18.03.24

ALL THE MAGNOLIAS in our neighbourhood are neary finished already and we’re impatiently waiting for warmer days to arrive. There are pink blossoms all over the pavements and it sounds like the wren that likes to wake us up at an ungodly hour has returned from his winter spot. There are golden, springlike days peppered intermittently in with the cloudy ones, but we’re waiting for a proper London summer, hot and filled with untold meanderings and adventures. I’ve been having issues with my hair for the past few weeks (oily at the scalp, discoloured, and extremely dry at the ends) and thought that I just needed to switch up my shampoos and conditioners, but then dry patches began appearing on my skin. It took me a while, but I’ve finally figured out that London’s hard water is the culprit. Had no idea that hard water could cause all of that. I ordered a fancy new shower head and am hoping it will solve the problem. This weekend was a writing weekend, so there are a few new essays and musings in progress. If you’d like a break from social media and doom scrolling, click over to our Substack to read about what I’ve seen and loved in the past week. (BTW, it would also be lovely if you would tell your friends or anyone else you think might enjoy our work.)

This week’s links include a beautiful place to stay on the Isle of Skye and a recipe for Coconut Scones; cashmere jerseys and embellished skirts for spring days, and much, much more.


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This Week's Links

• Stargaze and unplug at this peaceful home on Scotland’s Isle of Skye

• Spring things: this Embellished Skirt with this Cashmere Jersey

• Take Ownership of Your Future Self

• Jewellery Wishlist: these Teardrop Earrings & this Bracelet

• Recipe: Coconut Scones

• Accessories: Sunglasses / Belt / Clogs

• A Designer’s Hudson Valley Cabin

• At work: this Cashmere Vest & these Tailored Trousers

• Your Favourite Lip Balm & the Environment

• New arrivals at The Shop