Notes from the Weekend

& this Week’s Links

Notes from the Weekend & this Week’s Links 02.10.23
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ON SATURDAY we cycled to Richmond Hill for a picnic. We were hoping to see the turning leaves, but it must still be too early here yet. P picked up a bottle of our favourite cava, an absolutely delicious baguette and some extraordinary brie and we laid down our plaid wool blanket in the grassy area overlooking the Thames amongst others idling the afternoon away. Families and lovers and curly-haired dogs with tennis balls⏤we were all out soaking up the last September day. Speaking of which, could this have been the fastest summer ever? It feels crazy that it’s already October and there are only three months left of this year. I feel like time has changed since the pandemic. Everything feels like it’s moving so much faster. Think I might have read an article about that, so I guess it’s not just me⏤everyone must be feeling it. Also finally managed (in my quest to read and watch all things culturally relevant) to see The Matrix after all this time and now finally understand all the references to red and blue pills. Which one would you pick?

This week’s links include 10 breweries and distilleries to visit in London, and metallic bouclé-tweed jackets for autumn days; a Cotswolds cottage in Michigan, and much, much more.


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This Week's Links

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10 breweries and distilleries to visit in London

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