Notes from the Weekend

& this Week’s Links

Notes from the Weekend & this Week’s Links 22.05.23

THIS WEEKEND was one of those quintessential ones, all sunshine and water fountains, heady pink roses outside the gallery before taking in all the stunning unfinished Turners with their secrets and sunsets. The pace of our lives has changed dramatically since the first week of May, and personally, I love it. It’s a wonderful change from what seemed like four years in hibernation, and now it’s like we’ve been making up for lost time, fitting everything into the past two weeks. On Saturday afternoon, we were in Charing Cross, stopping in at a great wine bar to have a seat on the terrace and share a delicious baguette with different cheeses, including with black truffle oil (it was Italian) that was stunning. A glass of cava to go with it (P had freshly-squeeze orange juice because he’s still on a health kick), excellent service, chill vibe, perfect company, and a very enjoyable time. This weekend I also ordered an enormous new dining table with a bench for one side, and will be ordering two chairs for the other side (still deciding), as well as two more with arms for the ends of the table. It’s solid oak and is going to be dramatic. There will also be repainting and refreshing of old hutches and consoles and it’s been warm enough lately to throw open all the windows. Ah, springtime.

This week’s links include a charming cottage in the Cotswolds and pretty blouses and metallic sandals for spring days; seaside inspiration at our Pinterest; lip balms and beauty balms, and much, much more.


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This Week's Links

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• For spring days: this Drawstring Waist Blouson Sleeve Blouse & these Metallic Sandals

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• At the office: this Wool Twill Blazer & these Pleat Straight Trousers

• At the TIG Pinterest: Seaside Inspiration

• In the kitchen: this Footed Bowl & this Cane Glassware

• This Mallorcan cottage is a launchpad for exploring the Tramuntana mountains

• this BB Beauty Balm & this Hyaluronic Acid Lip Balm

Eight cave-like interiors that celebrate curved forms

• For summer nights: this Linen Shirt and these Tailored High-Waist Trousers