Notes from the Weekend

& a Few Lovely Links

Notes from the Weekend & a Few Lovely Links 19.12.22

P SENDS me texts such as How much bay leaf (I was making refrigerator pickles) or Do you want a mini quiche when he’s out picking up bits and pieces at the shops. I love these texts, with their lack of punctuation and misspellings, because they very much showcase how he prefers to get things done, and get them done quickly, rather than worry about the small details when he knows I’ll know what he means. I, on the other hand, take far too long typing things out in a effort not to make any typos or grammatical errors. One of us is more efficient than the other (and it’s not I). After today’s Weekend Links and the first set of Articles for the week, we’ll be taking the rest of the week off until after the new year. Our archives, of course, will still be available for those quiet moments when you’re looking for some inspiration and The Shop will continually be updated with new arrivals. We may also pop in to say hello on our Instagram Stories every once in a while between eating to much shortbread and drinking cocktails by the fire. Wishing you the most beautiful holiday season with warmth and laughter and people who love you to share it with.

This week’s links include the 100 best films of all time (according to critics) and tweed jackets with jewel buttons for holiday soirées; an apartment in Stockholm, the bestsellers at The Shop, and much, much more.


{p.s.} past weekend links

A few lovely links


* These Are the 100 Greatest Films of All Time, According to 1,600 Critics

* For Holiday Parties: this Tweed Jacket with Jewel Buttons & these Leather Trousers

* The Best Ways to Infuse Your Living Room With Authentic Parisian Charm

* Our bestsellers at The Shop: Figure Study No.01 & Figure Study No.02

* Home Tour | A Calm, Cosy Apartment In Stockholm

* Pretty underthings: One & Two

* Only 8% of UK Artists Come From Working-Class Background

* Winter Whites: this Wool Knit Dress & this Double-Breasted Wool Coat