Notes from the Weekend

& a Few Lovely Links

Notes from the Weekend & a Few Lovely Links 04.04.22

WAS SPEAKING to P today about how these little musings are becoming more and more difficult with everything that has been going on in the world over the past while. After seeing all the horrific images that come out of Ukraine this weekend, feel like I’ve finally seen too much. That I know too much to still be optimistic. And yet, can’t help but still believe in the beauty of this world, of this life⏤even if we have to look extra hard these days to find it. I know you come here to escape for a while, to lose yourself in sidewalk cafés and sun-drenched rooms, to visiting far-flung places and reading about inspiring thoughts and ideas. To absorb positive energy. So that is what we hope to continue to offer here at TIG, beginning with this quote by Dale Carnegie: “Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.”

This week’s links include a summer-ready log cabin on Lake Michigan and double denim for spring days; Bridgerton Fantasies, bamboo diamond rings, and much, much more.


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A few lovely links :


* Tour a Summer-Ready Log Cabin that’s Perched on Lake Michigan

* While supplies last: our bestselling Wicker Handbag is being discontinued

* Live Out Your Bridgerton Fantasies at These 5 Hotel Properties

* Double Denim: this Denim Shirt with Shoulder Pads & these Confident Cut Jeans

* Nicholas Préaud Infuses Dreamy, Minimalist Home With Mediterranean Warmth

* For summer days: this Tie Knot Linen Jumpsuit & this Wicker Basket Bag

* Science Confirms That Life Flashes Before the Eyes Upon Death

* For nights out: this Bamboo Diamond and 14kt Gold Ring & these Baroque Pearl Drop Earrings