Notes from the Weekend & a Few Lovely Links

Notes from the Weekend & a Few Lovely Links 29.11.21

ON SATURDAY a wild winter storm resulted in a rare red weather warning for parts of the UK. There were extremely hight winds, some places had a beautiful snowfall, while here it was just really windy and rainy and by 10:00pm Saturday night, we were sitting by firelight and candlelight with no wi-fi due to a sudden power outage. We found out later that 61 people were trapped in a pub in the Yorkshire Dales for three days! The high winds had created snow drifts that covered cars and went up to the second story windows of the inn above. Everyone finally made it home today. In other news, we were utterly shocked to hear about Virgil Abloh’s death on Sunday of a rare aggressive form of cancer that he had been privately fighting since his diagnosis in 2019. He was only 41 and in the short time he was alive, he created a stir and tried to pave the way for younger generations after him. Other things we’re thinking about: we’re a little anxious about the new Covid super-variant, Omicron; masks will be mandatory in England again tomorrow (which is fine, as we’ve never stopped wearing them), and the time between the second vaccination and the booster has been halved from six months to three, so we’re going to try to find walk-in appointments as soon as possible. Just as things were beginning to feel a little festive, it feels like the holidays could very well be cancelled again this year. Luckily, we have experience with resilience and being prepared for whatever comes our way. And, most importantly, we have each other, and perhaps there’s nothing better than spending Christmas with one’s soulmate.

This week’s links include moody photos of the Cotswolds and frill cuff cardigans for December soirées; a calm loft-style retreat, cosy knits for the holidays, and much, much more.


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A few lovely links :


* Travel: lovely, moody photos of The Cotswolds

* For Winter Days: this Balloon-Sleeve Wool Sweater & these High Waist Straight Trousers 

* Bee gold: Honey as a superfood

* For December Soirées: this Frill Cuff Knit Cardigan & this Perfect Wicker Bag

* Home Tour: A Calm Loft-style Retreat In Earthy Neutrals

* At the Office: this Neck Tie Blouse & these Wide-Legged Linen Trousers

* What Chefs Make When All They Have Is a Bag of Rice

* For the Holidays: this Contrasting Knit Sweater & these Relaxed Barrel-Leg Jeans