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THOSE WHO KNOW me know that I can’t watch films that are violent or scary, or gory or too intense or sad. I just get far too upset and emotionally invested, and often replay the entire film in my dreams later that night. I’d thought that I was unusual, but as it turns out, we make up 20% of the population, those of us who are highly sensitive. According to Genevieve von Lob, a clinical psychologist, when highly sensitive people receive information, they process it much more deeply and more elaborately than those who aren’t. This level of intensity can result in feelings of dismay, as we can often become deeply affected by political events, carry criticism around with us for a very long time, and because we take in so much more and have more intense emotions, we need time to process these emotions in our bodies.

But being highly sensitive also means having a greater capacity for empathy, a high level of intuition, and the ability to understand underlying meanings easily. We also have rich inner lives and value deeper connections in relationships, and work well with self-employment where we are able to structure our own work days. von Lob concludes by stating, that highly sensitive people “…often are creative people, so they could be the visionaries of our world – they come up with different ways of thinking from the mainstream. They have a very strong sense of justice and fairness. They’re very good listeners, and question rules that don’t make sense. They’re very conscientious, because they look at details. We need these kind of skills and awareness in the world at the moment.”

Something rather hopeful to have come across for this very highly sensitive person.

This week’s links include twelve romantic hotels in Italy and cosy Merino cable knit sweaters for winter days; the best restaurants in Notting Hill and much, much more.


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A few lovely links :


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