Notes from the Weekend & a Few Lovely Links

Notes from the Weekend & a Few Lovely Links 27.04.20

IF YOU EVER WANT a challenge, try explaining to a 93-year-old grandmother by telephone how to use an iPhone. P’s grandmother had had everything set up just so, before there was a global pandemic. She’s not very mobile anymore and so doesn’t get out of the house very often these days, and had put a lot of effort into setting up a regular routine of different people to come see her at home: a cleaner on Fridays and someone to cut her hair; someone to pick up a few groceries every Thursday, a standing lunch date every Saturday, and various friends and neighbours checking in the rest of the time. It was a delicate balance, but each of these visits was something that she really looked forward to, if not for any other reason than the company. Over the past few weeks, however, since the beginning of the lockdown, she has been on her own and growing a little lonesome. While we have tried over the past few years to set her up with a computer of some sort, she has always resisted the idea. On a recent call, however, she sounded a little down, and when pressed, lamented that she wished she had a smartphone (she must have seen something on the news), so that she could video chat with people. We of course, wanting to help, immediately shipped her one of the old iPhones we had around the house, preloaded with a month’s credit. Explaining to her how to use it over the telephone, however, has been proving to be a bit of a challenge, despite her being a surprisingly quick study. Nevertheless, she succeeded in her first video chat today, and hopefully this will help her feel less isolated and more in touch with people again.

This week’s links include 10 brilliant skills to learn at home; tabletop inspiration from the Cotswolds, and linen smock midi dresses for late-spring days; new arrivals at The Shop, and much, much more.


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A few lovely links :


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