Notes from the Weekend & a Few Lovely Links

Notes from the Weekend & a Few Lovely Links 20.04.20

BEING ONE WHO tends to overdue things, I thought that to make the best of this lockdown, I could use this time to begin writing a book, or learn another language, but these ambitious goals might be easier to reach if one weren’t in a constant state of anxiety due to the current state of the world. Frantic texts arrive from time to time from friends and colleagues to make sure we’re still okay, and every time a neighbour asks (from a safe distance) how we’re both keeping, it seems to be a loaded question really asking if we’ve still managed to avoid falling ill with the virus. Happily, both P and I are accustomed to living in the moment and are very adept at adapting to rapidly changing situations, or all of this might feel even more difficult. On the six o’clock news, there was talk of perhaps opening up the pubs again in mid-June, and it all still feels a little too soon to imagine not still giving everyone we meet six feet of space. I’ve read so many articles lately forecasting how this pandemic will change us. It will be interesting to see if we keep some of the positive aspects such as slowing down, focussing on the present (as opposed to dwelling on the past or worrying about the future), and being more conscious of what we really need in our lives―or if we will fall back on old habits and patterns. At the moment, we’re both okay in this state of stasis, as long we have this space, for creating and sharing here lends a certain normalcy, a semblance of routine that’s rather comforting in these uncertain times.

This week’s links include 10 positive life-long habits to adopt while in lockdown; chic white summer dresses and delicate gold bracelets; a pasta perfectionist making waves in Italy and much, much more.


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A few lovely links :


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