Notes from the Weekend & a Few Lovely Links

Notes from the Weekend & a Few Lovely Links 01.04.20
@beautelicieuse via @comely.vintage
Notes from the Weekend & a Few Lovely Links 01.04.20
@heyhegia via @comely.vintage

SPENT MOST of the day Wednesday convalescing on the sofa by the fire, having fallen ill the night before with what is most likely the stomach flu, possibly brought on by food poisoning. It was most unpleasant, but given the current state of things in the world, could have been much, much worse, and for that I am grateful.

As a result, posting has been a little lighter this week, both here and on all of our social media accounts. It’s also been a good time for us to take time to process all of the things that have been happening over the past few weeks, to get some fresh air everyday and to try not to spend too much time keeping up with the news.

This week’s links include springtime tabletop inspiration and how to make your own hand sanitizer; French terry sweatshirts, frill maxi dresses and much, much more.


{p.s.} past weekend links

A few lovely links :


* Springtime Tabletop Inspiration

* Work from Home: this cashmere sweater & these Golden Buds Drop Earrings

* DIY: Make your own Hand Sanitizer (via Swiss Miss)

* For spring days: this French Terry Sweatshirt & these Tortoiseshell Sunglasses

* Elie Saab Haute Couture Spring Summer 2020 Show

* Perfect Pairs: this Frill Maxi Dress & this Triple Diamond Pendant

* How to Make Quarantined Meals Feel Like Fabulous Dinner Parties

* In my makeup bag: this Treatment Mist & this Baume De Rose Jar