Notes from the Weekend & a Few Lovely Links

Notes from the Weekend & a Few Lovely Links 25.02.20

LATE LAST WEEK we were back in Edinburgh to pick up the last of our things from the storage unit we’ve had there since our move from the city over four and a half years ago. After carting off bamboo chairs (once painstakingly hand-painted in eggshell Farrow & Ball and reupholstered in Sanderson chintz) and giant suitcases filled with clothes to the charity shop around the corner, we spent hours dismantling a tall storage chest and loading the remaining cardboard boxes into the car. The rest of the weekend was spent immersed with what was to be boxes upon boxes of old photographs, love letters, scrapbooks and diaries. It was a bit crazy going through all of these things, emotionally, and but freeing to finally have the time to part with them properly. (Even found old photos from the prom, which had posted on our Stories, and laughed at all of the messages recieved about the hotness of my prom date.) On Sunday we went for a late brunch at our usual place across the river, which was busy despite constant news feeds of flooding here in the UK, and the coronavirus spreading around the world. Despite not knowing if I was supposed to keep all of these mementoes of the past, in the end, it feel quite a lot lighter having parted with it all. All a part of my new year’s resolutions this year of learning to let go.

This week’s links include this year’s interior design trends and the introduction to some beautiful new pieces of jewellery at The Shop; pearl drop earrings, alpaca jumpers and much, much more.


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A few lovely links :


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