Notes from the Weekend & a Few Lovely Links

Notes from the Weekend & a Few Lovely Links 06.01.20
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HERE IN THE UK, TODAY IS considered the first day back to work after the holidays. We were away to visit family in Scotland late last week, and spent the weekend lingering over festive things for the last time, so it’s back to work for us today as well. On Sunday the weather was beautiful and we spent most of our time outdoors in the beautiful English countryside, walking down quaint country roads flanked by tidy hedges and fields of sheep happily grazing the afternoon away. The road lead to our new favourite pub, a tiny place upon a hill that serves great food, although we just stopped for afternoon drinks. There were couples seated at the bar and even a napping puppy on a blanket beneath the stools. I also wrote my 2020 New Year’s Resolutions over the weekend, which you can find linked below.

This week’s links include knitted hoodies and belted wool coats for winter days; 13 best restaurants in Ireland and a recipe for Roasted Salmon with Citrus Salsa Verde; how to have healthier online habits, and WAYS TO HELP with the Australian fires, again, linked below.


{p.s.} past weekend links

A few lovely links :


* My 2020 New Year’s Resolutions

* Perfect Pairs: this Knitted Hoodie & this Belted Wool Coat

* How To Have Healthier Online Habits Without Going Cold Turkey On Instagram

* For the new year: Fresh Bed Linens & this Mohair Cushion

* 10 Impressive Questions to Ask in a Job Interview

* For winter days: this soft Cable-Knit Jumper & these chic, chic Baroque Pearl Earrings

* The 13 Best Restaurants in Ireland

* Things we Love: this Black Crossbody Bag & this Oversized Velvet Blazer

* Recipe: Roasted Salmon with Citrus Salsa Verde

* Accessorize with: these Sunglasses & these Hoop Earrings