Playlist 11.03.19 : Five Songs for the Weekend

Playlist 11.03.19 : Five Songs for the Weekend
Playlist 11.03.19 : Five Songs for the Weekend
Playlist 11.03.19 : Five Songs for the Weekend

The duo behind Neil Frances come from two different worlds, and yet their union sounds destined. Jordan Feller and Marc Gilfry first met in 2012. It wasn’t until four years later that Jordan called Marc to lend vocals to some demos, which were intended as a placeholder. As with the best of accidents, the two liked what they heard and Neil Frances was born.

Jordan grew up in Sydney, then spent time in London, before landing in Los Angeles. Marc, a California native, grew up outside of Los Angeles in Rancho Cucamonga, in a house across the street from his aunt, uncle and cousin. Since childhood, the two found themselves exposed to a range of music, from opera, disco, hip-hop and more, all of which informs their songwriting today.

These influences can be heard on Neil Frances’ dreamy debut EP, Took A While, consisting of five lustrous, reverberating dance tracks featuring one infectious melody after the other. Their sound caught the attention of Jungle and Poolside, who they toured with earlier this year. When the music discovery platform, The Wild Honey Pie first heard their music, they quickly invited them to play the launch of their Los Angeles dinner party series (held in early November) at Checker Hall.

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Moving through a vibrant soundscape of future-retro indie-pop with shades of bedroom electronica, 23-year-old Swedish songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Augustine made his critically acclaimed debut with Luzon in February of 2019, followed by A Scent of Lily in April.

Guts is Augustine’s new single and it is a brilliant piece of music. I adore the unique melodies which showcase many creative expressions. Besides, Augustine’s crystal clear vocals create bright atmospheres. Furthermore, I am also a big fan of the dynamic chorus!

Speaking about the track, Augustine says: ”Guts is about a hangover morning together with someone you adore and the irony of you both complaining about your mood when you were privileged enough to go out and have fun the night before. He continues: ”It’s a way of telling myself to shut up whenever I start feeling sorry for myself. “I’ve played this exact piano loop every time I’ve sat down at a piano for many years, but I’ve never found a good context for it – until now.”

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When two concepts contrast each other yet are immersed and presented together, we call it juxtaposition. When it happens in music, it’s hit or miss. But when Teenage Priest does it, it’s art. Today, the up-and-coming artist provides evidence to that notion in his latest single, “Distant Crush.”

Teenage Priest’s lofi, dunked in reverb, exclusively hi-hat drum beats strike a mood iridescently similar to that of the chillwave greats like Washed Out and Toro y Moi. While his voice is much darker and deliberate, that’s the art I’m talking about, the blending of cold and hot, high and low. It’s what makes Teenage Priest’s music unique.

There’s just one person behind the moniker, and his name is Taylor Van Ginkel. The Los Angeles–based indie artist is no stranger to the music scene. Though he keeps a mellow and humble online persona, he is the lead guitarist in Bishop Briggs’ band. Teenage Priest, however, is 100% his own. With odes to ‘80s new wave synths and art rock riffs from groups like The Style Council, Teenage Priest embarks on a sound that is nostalgic yet novel. Like the chillwave greats before him, the music he makes is irresistibly fuzzy and groovy.

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Producing all his music in closet-sized home studio, the debut solo release by Canadian multi-instrumentalist, producer and vocalist Evan White aka Vandelux comes a lot bigger than it can be actually sized. This meritorious body of work, EP Lost In Common concatenate songs dipped in both light and darkness, resulting into boundless package of creations.

Yes, Vandelux takes a route through the dark and commonness, at the same time igniting peculiar fires, reflecting that all musically and lyrically. Album’s material covers one’s descents, confused struggle and worries and possible rise, one’s highs and lows in life, love, mindset, surroundings and inner realms, or vice versa inner dystopia. Broadly, album is candid and excitingly enigmatic; it links to darkwave and noir electronica, giving resemblance to iconic TR/ST music, just with a modern and enthralling fling.

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Arlo Parks has returned with her newest slice of stunning bedroom pop in the from of latest track ‘Second Guessing’. Documenting that feeling of struggling to get your shit together within her delicate vocals, the track is – in her own words – “an exploration of the existential misery that comes from a desire to be successful in a way that pleases everyone. However it’s also a song about strength and the possibility of self fulfilment”.

The harmony ridden track is emotionally raw, with Arlo’s truth-telling lyrics undeniably destined to strike a nerve with many, and it’s our first glimpse into her forthcoming ‘Sophie’ EP.

“I’m interested in people, that’s what I like writing about,” she told us in our September Issue about her next steps. “What we hate and how we hate; love and disgust… I feel like doing music helps me come to terms with stuff. I feel so much more comfortable in myself because I’m doing something I love.”

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