Playlist 11.22.20 : Five Songs for the Weekend

Playlist 11.22.20 : Five Songs for the Weekend
Playlist 11.22.20 : Five Songs for the Weekend
Playlist 11.22.20 : Five Songs for the Weekend

Com Truise is one of those artists where, as soon as you put on one of his tracks, you know it’s him. The artist’s unique, retro-futuristic sound is simply unmistakeable, and we’re diving back into it with a brand new release of his today titled “Compress—Fuse.”

Along with some spine-tingling IDM percussion, this cut dives into a warm bath of rich synths. There’s something about Com Truise’s sound that just transports us to another world, ad he’s done it again on this one.

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Dance-floors, remember those? The latest offering from Bicep couldn’t be more chill and I’m still: Get. Me. To. The. Rave.

‘Saku’ is the third single from the duo’s forthcoming album ‘Isles’, out January 22nd on Ninja Tune. The melancholic track follows on from recent single ‘Apricots’, which was released alongside a soulful and disorienting stop-motion video by director Mark Jenkin.

Giving us more clues about the sonic direction of the new album, Bicep explain: “We aim to pull influences from a broad range of inspiration when we write music, our tracks often go through many iterations and directions before we settle on the final ingredients. ‘Saku’ feels like a good example of a hybrid for us. We drew from IDM and Footwork via 90s R’n’B,  and it was amazing to work with Clara who totally gets that vibe.”

Bicep have also announced news of a new global livestream performance on February 26th.

Comprising an extended live performance, with additional warm-up act to be announced, the show will be filmed in London and will feature visuals from close collaborator Black Box Echo.

The broadcast will be another opportunity to experience a mixture of reimagined versions of tracks from Bicep’s back catalogue as well as new tunes from upcoming album “Isles” across an extended set.

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Following the release of two new tracks, ‘Oh No’ and ‘Liahr’, last month, Biig Piig is back with a new bop, sharing new track ‘Feels Right’.

“Feels Right’ is a track about the energy of a night out,” she explains. “I miss going out so much. The feeling of letting go and being surrounded by sweaty people; meeting strangers and one-night romances; the tunes and ecstasy. Feel like pure shit just want her back :’(. So we made ‘Feels Right’ with that in mind. The closest we can get to that feeling again right now is writing about it.”

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Shygirl’s “Alias” is less than twenty minutes long, yet it’s weighty with the jolting hyperpop and club music that the London electronic artist has been making for the past few years. Each song is meant to show off a different side of her personality, a tactic that frees her up to play with a frenzied palette of sounds: “SLIME,” co-produced by the like-minded Scottish experimentalist SOPHIE, is a slippery, slinking ode to two-thousands R. & B.; “FREAK” is a firework of heavy-duty industrial textures and unrelenting lust; “SIREN” explodes into peaks of Eurodance euphoria. Not one moment feels static or stale, revealing Shygirl to be an artist at her best when she’s in motion.

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Little Dragon, renowned for tracks including “Ritual Union” and “Twice” as well as their collaborations with artists including SBTRKT, Flying Lotus, and Little Simz, reinvent “Good Love 2.0” as soul-tinged electro-pop. The original’s bounding energy propelled their creativity: “We couldn’t stop dancing and playing air bass throughout the whole process!”

Produced by and written with Priya’s brother, Japhna Gold, “Good Love 2.0” unites Priya’s love of R&B with her Sri Lankan heritage, incorporating textures from traditional South Indian instrumentation and inspiration from legendary composers of Indian cinema such as A.R. Rahman, Ilaiyaraaja and Deva. The track projects her idea of an idealistic first love, one that she says is, “Beyond religion, beyond caste, beyond colour. It’s the feeling nothing can tear you apart because it’s so strong.”

Priya, born and raised in Switzerland after her parents escaped from the Sri Lankan civil war in the early 80s, initially rose to prominence with a handful of independently released singles that attracted the attention of Rolling Stone India, VH1 India, Radio 1, 1XTRA and others. Now signed to Warner Records globally, “Good Love 2.0” is her first official release, with much more music to come.

Although now incredibly proud and supportive of her career, Priya’s parents initially didn’t want her to listen to Western pop and were keen for her to get married as she reached adulthood. Eventually something snapped – she quit her job as she wanted to put everything into music and decided to move to America for six months. Needing somewhere to stay, her friend, the rapper Oddisee offered Priya his Brooklyn studio. Sending song ideas back and forth to Japhna, the pair created a number of tracks whilst she was there and the work continued when she returned to Zurich, where Priya currently resides. Her connection with Oddisee continues today, most recently when Priya featured on “Still Strange,” a track from his album Odd Cure.

Ultimately, Priya Ragu’s artistry explores every aspect of her culture, from her music to her sense of style to her use of both the English and Tamil languages. “I’m so proud of my heritage, my parents, my people,” she says. “I want to create amazing music. I want to leave behind meaningful songs and a real cultural impact. I want to make South Asian people proud.”

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