Playlist 10.20.19 : Five Songs for the Weekend

Playlist 10.20.19 : Five Songs for the Weekend
Playlist 10.20.19 : Five Songs for the Weekend
Playlist 10.20.19 : Five Songs for the Weekend

Following the release of her March debut record ‘Miss Universe’, West London’s Nilüfer Yanya has shared a brand new reworking of album cut ‘Heat Rises’. With a different structure, additional production, an entirely new mix, and some numbers in the title because why tf not, ‘H34T RISES’ is the fantastic result.

Talking on the reworking, Nilüfer says: “The original song ‘Heat Rises’ came together over a year or so, maybe. I felt really lucky I was able to work with Dave Okumu on this, there was a lot to learn just being in the room with him. I had the rough demo and beat on my phone for maybe a year, but it wasn’t until the lyrics were fully realised that that it really took shape as a song for me. The original track works perfectly in the album but when I decided to re-release it as a single, I thought a few changes to the mix and structure might help it jump out more and that’s where ‘H34T RISES’ came from.”

Sharing the accompanying visuals too, the vid was shot in Istanbul by Nilüfer’s sister Molly Daniels and follows Nilüfer on the run from a secret agent, supposedly from the omnipresent WWWAYHealth. “I thought whilst I was making Miss Universe – ‘WWAY Health is out to get us, they’re the bad guys.’ She explains. “But when it came to making the video for Heat Rises it dawned on me that the enemy tends to be better disguised!”

“Me and Nilufer hadn’t considered shooting in Istanbul, but once the thought had entered our head we wanted to stick with it,” Molly continues. “I felt like Istanbul would really fit the concept and it was really nice to be able to work with a female led and Turkish crew. I remember finding out my mum was pregnant with Nilufer when we lived in Istanbul, so returning to work there together as adults really felt like we had come full circle.”

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For a record precipitated by a breakup (plus the breaking of a heel bone, incidentally), Still I Miss U – from Blue Hawaii’s forthcoming Open Reduction Internal Fixation full-length – is in more cohesive keeping with these themes than either one of All That Blue or All the Things. It boasts none of the front-footed confidence of the former, nor the sultry UKG heat of the latter; instead it stews, a supple backing a better fit with lyrics concerning keeping busy and confronting self-hate in the face of “forced separation”. But on the basis of this, as well as so much of their canon, long may this seemingly inseparable pair – who once released, lest we forget, a record entitled Untogether themselves – continue to produce such consistently irresistible stuff.

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If you were skeptical about whether Berhana would be releasing an album soon, we’d understand. Despite the release of singles like “Health Food” and “Lucky Strike,” we still weren’t sure when his debut would see the light of day. Well, we’re happy to report that the Bounce-Worthy artist has effectively removed all signs of doubt. Not only do we have an official title and an album release date, but he has also announced tour dates with frequent collaborator Pomo as well! That’s right, folks…HAN will drop on October 18th and followed by Tour 002 which kicks off on November 21st in Dallas.

In anticipation of the album release, Berhana has leaked a new single entitled “I Been.” Lyrically, he addresses the delicate art of open communication and allowing yourself to be emotionally vulnerable in a relationship. The sparse groove is instantly infectious, giving us chillwave vibes with its minimalist chords, programmed beats and synth effects. The Pomo production is the perfect backdrop to unite Berhana’s signature vocals with some South Korean soul, courtesy of rising R&B singer Crush. The singers’ blend of styles is incredible. And with Crush preparing to release his first project under PSY‘s P Nation music label, we’re keeping our fingers crossed to hear them together again in the near future.

“I Been” is currently available for download when you pre-order HAN ahead of its October 18th premiere. Make your plans to see Berhana perform with a four-piece band by scrolling down for a current list of tour dates. Tickets are available via his website, but follow him on Twitter and Instagram for updates.  As for Crush, check his latest single “Lookin 4” featuring Devin Morrison and Joyce Wrice to see what the buzz is all about.

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The Japanese House has shared her new single ‘Something Has To Change’ – tune in now.

Amber Bain is working with alacrity, having released the debut Japanese House album ‘Good At Falling’ earlier in the year.

Heading straight back into the studio with producer BJ Burton, she has crafted material for an incoming EP.

Out shortly, it’s led by ‘Something Has To Change’, a tender, at times almost pensive return, but one blessed with a fragrant vocal.

Nadira Amrani directs the video, with styling from Patricia Villirillo. Side note: we’re told this is the first full band performance in a Japanese House music video.

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Boys Noize may be a certified warehouse don, but his catalog of work, especially his 2019 output, undoubtedly proves Alex Ridha is much more than just a one-trick-pony. In fact, with recent work alongside Skrillex, Lady Gaga, A$AP Rocky, and Virgil Abloh to name a few, the gritty tech and electro fare has taken somewhat of a backseat to other creative endeavors this year. Now, the latest to join Boys Noize’s collaborative ranks is alt-pop crooner Francis Starlite, of Francis and the Lights on “Why Not?”

The track is a uniquely addicting departure in style for Boys Noize, which finds him wrapping his deep production acumen around Starlite’s unmistakable vocals for a dreamy, subtle disco-inspired dance cut. “Why Not?” started as an impromptu recording session between the two artists at Brooklyn’s PEOPLE Festival in 2018. Infectiously uplifting, “Why Not?” is out now via Boys Noize Records.

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