A pulsing electronic track, “Become the Tiger” features Albarn alongside Africa Expresses’ Sibot, a South African producer, and “sample-hound” Mr Jukes, aka Jack Steadman of Bombay Bicycle Club. In a press release, Sibot recalled the creation of the song:

“Mr Jukes and I had this infectious groove going. People would pop their heads in, those heads would start bobbing and the room grew crowded. This beat was special. Damon made a turn, he pushed through the jammed door and straight for the mic. I hit record like a panic button.

Damon jumped on a bed and started making up words. He somehow arrived at ‘become the tiger’… We all started chanting it. I kicked everyone out so I could quickly capture the idea. Silly and spontaneous. The best kind!”

It’s a far more neon song than “Johannesburg”, as the accompanying visual reflects in its strobing, mirrored imagery.