Notes from the Weekend & a Few Lovely Links

Notes from the Weekend & a Few Lovely Links 16.10.17

THERE IS A SHROUD OF CLOUDS above this tiny island, deep and thick and grey. I know this because I saw us fly away from the sun upon leaving Spain, and into this impossible veil that takes our plane at least ten minutes or more to pass through. It is raining when we land, of course, and I throw my trench coat over the tweed blazer I am already wearing, preferring the rather uncomfortable bulkiness to the cold. Yesterday, there were bits of sun, and today, the rain has stopped, but the sun is a startling and fiery orange-red colour. Storm Ophelia, we’re told. All across London, the skies have turned an astonishing ochre/sepia hue. Inside, we’ve the heat turned way up and are cosy with a slice of P’s grandmother’s famous date and walnut loaf, straight out of the oven and a perfect complement to the hot cup of tea we’re sipping while the wind causes the walls to creak as they do in old houses. After two years away, it’s nice to be back in Scotland again.

This week’s links include Fashion Documentaries and the work of Illustrator Ayumi Takahashi; A Rare Look Inside The Royal Family’s Train and much, much more.


{p.s.} past weekend links

A few lovely links :


* A Rare Look Inside The Royal Family’s Train [Veranda]

* To say forever or mark your achievements: these utterly romantic rings

* Do Good: A Memorial Fund for award-winning journalist Kim Wall [go fund me]

* At the Office: this Prince of Wales Blazer and this pussy bow blouse

* Décor: At Home With Renata Figueiredo [Living Gazette]

* At the Office: this chic corduroy blazer & these leopard booties

* The Fashion Documentaries To Watch Before Applying For Fashion School [Vogue]

* In my makeup bag: this soft matte foundation and this highlighter

* Arts & Cutlure: Illustrator Ayumi Takahashi [Honestly WTF]

* At Home: this golden palm tree and this white wicker side table


[Top Image: @lusttforlife]

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