Playlist 29.04.17 : Five Songs for the Weekend

Playlist 29.04.17 : Five Songs for the Weekend
Playlist 29.04.17 : Five Songs for the Weekend
Playlist 29.04.17 : Five Songs for the Weekend

Roosevelt – Moving On

New wave/disco purveyor Roosevelt creates some super infectious, highly danceable soundscapes with an updated retro aesthetic. He’s gearing up to drop his self-titled debut album this fall, and a video combining new tracks “Colours” and “Moving On” is the first, dual-faceted foray into the project.

“Colours” is a catchy, movement-inducing combination with bouncy synths, playful tribal-leaning drums, and a repetitious alternating drum patterns about all the things a romantic partner can take with them when they decide to leave. The visuals for the “Colours” portion of the clip have vivacious hues bouncing off of black backgrounds for great splashes of color and energy. “Moving On”, is a smoother, more groovy bit of new wave about recovering from what that partner took with them along with their departure. It’s only a snippet of the song, but the juxtaposition of the bright, highly produced set from the visuals accompanying “Colours” and the natural outdoor lighting of the images complementing “Moving On” makes for an arresting contrast from director Elliott Arndt.

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Kiiara – Whippin (ft. Felix Snow)

If we had it our way, kiiara would only have Felix Snow work on all her tracks. Everything they’ve done together has been a smash, and, now with “Whippin”, they’ve another addictive track to add to their collection of amazing tunes. Now, there’s no word of a full-length album from kiiara yet, but we can only hope that Felix is producing the majority of it (and that there is, in fact one in the works), because, if this new cut is any indication of what it could be, we’re in for a treat.

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Yumi Zouma – Champagne Supernova (Oasis Cover)

Turntable Kitchen recently commissioned Yumi Zouma to cover a classic record in its entirety for the site’s Sounds Delicious subscription service. After months of deliberation, the Yumis eventually landed on Oasis’ landmark 1995 LP (What’s the Story) Morning Glory?, and without giving away too many spoilers, let’s just say they nailed it. We’ve already heard their beautifully blown-out, shoegaze-y cover of “She’s Electric”, and today the group shares their slinky and very Yumi-esque (the highest compliment) dream-pop version of Morning Glory‘s best track, “Champagne Supernova“, the first song they tackled for the project. Yumi’s Charlie Ryder tells us:

“When Matthew from Turntable Kitchen asked us to cover an entire record from the depths of history, it took us many many months to decide what album to do. Even when we realised that an Oasis album could potentially be an option in terms of something we could actually do in a Yumi Zouma way, we weren’t 100% sure whether it would just sound totally ridiculous or not. It wasn’t until we tried the first song that we had an initial idea for – Champagne Supernova – that we knew we had finally settled on something rad. As four songwriters, it’s often a long process to agree on things within the band, but this was one of the rare moments when we all just thought “hell yeah – this is possible AND it’s going to be a lot of fun. Let’s go ahead and cover an Oasis album in it’s entirety”.”

Listen to the group’s lovely take on “Champagne Supernova” below, and grab the record on limited vinyl (only 1000 copies worldwide) from Turntable Kitchen.

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Tora – Another Case

Tora is a quartet out of Australia’s Byron Bay, and they’re coming in hot. “Amsterdam” was the first head-turning single off their upcoming Take A Rest release, and today we’re proud to premiere “Another Case.” It move at a different speed than “Amsterdam,” but the innate songwriting ability and subtle experimentation is still on full display.

“‘Another Case’ is one of the more upbeat and uplifting tracks on the record,” the band’s Jo Loewenthal said. “Basically it’s a song about admiring the natural beauty of a person and letting them know that you love them for who they are, without comparing them to the unrealistic, synthesized ‘perfection’ of what we see online.”

 The song itself is a study in details—the sub-bass wobbles and shifts underneath murmured vocals, each discerning addition bringing us closer to the moment when the song crests at the chorus.

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Hazel English – Love Is Dead

We named Hazel English an Artist To Watch for her uncanny ability to make tired old dream-pop tricks feel new and revelatory again. “Love Is Dead,” her latest and arguably greatest, exists in the realm of DIIV, A Sunny Day In Glasgow, and the Pains Of Being Pure At Heart. Atop an insistent wave of drums, bass, guitar, and keyboards, English sings about the end of romance with a voice like a beam of light. The irresistibly gorgeous track is from her upcoming double EP Just Give In / Never Going Home.

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