Playlist 05.03.17 : Five Songs for the Weekend

Playlist 05.03.17 : Five Songs for the Weekend
Playlist 05.03.17 : Five Songs for the Weekend
Playlist 05.03.17 : Five Songs for the Weekend

Portugal. The Man –
Feel It Still

In their social networks they have increased the hype on their new song until limits unsuspected. Portugal. The Man have been releasing pills from ” Feel It Still ” for days, promising that today they would release it in full. And, of course, they have kept the promise.

The new single of the band sounds addictive and very danceable, and comes after ” Noise Pollution “, released at the end of last year. Both songs will be included in his new album,  Gloomin + Doomin , which will be published throughout this year.

We look forward to it.

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Talaboman – Safe Changes

Talaboman, the effervescent collaborative project of Spanish producer John Talabot and Swedish DJ Axel Boman, will release their debut full-length The Night Land next month. Today, Talaboman have shared the album’s first single, “Safe Changes,” an expansive track containing lush cascades of sound that offer an innately serene quality.

The duo initially came together several years earlier and released the EP Sideral in 2014. After taking some time to work on individual projects, Talaboman headed back to the studio and refocused their energies on the new LP. The song’s smooth consistency shows the pair’s ability to fuse ideas together is stronger than ever before. Describing the sounds and inspirations of The Night Land, Talaboman said it’s as simple as, “two persons meeting and playing music, a catalan and a swede talking blip blop until we felt that we had something worth saying.”

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GRMLN – 27 Kids

GRMLN may be short on vowels, but their sound is big on catchy hooks. The project of Japanese-born, California-based Yoodoo Park, GRMLN began five years ago when Park was writing lyrics between his classes at college. He and his brother Tae Sun soon began recording, and GRMLN’s debut EP, Explore, arrived in 2012. Since then, they’ve continued to master their impossible-to-categorize sound that ebbs and flows from dreamy pop to jangly garage rock. The mainstay of their sound, however, is its catchiness. GRMLN is, in a word, addictive, as their new “27 Kids” proves. It starts bold, with tight hooks and succinct delivery.

The opening line (“Here comes the war I’m counting on”) grabs you from the first note and never lets go of your attention. “Whatchu waiting for?” he asks in the chorus. That’s our sentiments exactly. What are you waiting for? Crank this tune, dive in, and rock the hell out.

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AMTRAC – Informal Disco

U.S. based producer Amtrac has revealed another track from his  EP 1987. Unlike the first single release “Piano Boy”, this new one called “Informal Disco” goes all in on the deep house vibe. It still has that unmistaken Amtrac sound, but it’s heavier and more intense. The bass driven melody sounds rather melancholic in my opinion, but that also creates some fine contrast on the EP overall…and then there’s that excellent beat, which you just have to take a moment to really fully appreciate.

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Cadence Weapon – My Crew (Woooo) (produced by KAYTRANADA)

Working under the name Cadence Weapon, the Edmonton native and former music critic Rollie Pemberton has been making music since before many of us knew Canadian rap was a thing. But he’s been silent for a few years now; we haven’t gotten a Cadence Weapon album since 2012’s Hope In Dirt City. But now he’s linked up with the great Montreal producer Kaytranada for the sinuous, bleepy new single “My Crew (Woooo),” one of the most catchy and immediate tracks I’ve ever heard from the guy. Below, listen to the single and read what Pemberton has to say about it.

Pemberton writes:

“My Crew (Wooo)” is an anthem about unapologetically being who you want to be, no matter what anybody else thinks. There’s a sense of personal freedom that’s unique to Montreal and “My Crew (Woooo)” is a representation of that feeling. It’s the Brooklyn of Canada. It’s where every artistically minded person goes to freak-out for a few years and find themselves. The music scene in Montreal is very insular, you’re always meeting friends and making music. I met Kaytranada while DJ’ing in Montreal a few years ago and we’ve become friends. “My Crew” is a song about defying the labels that people try to place on artists. Is it underground? Mainstream? Conscious? Trap? Who cares, as long as it sounds dope.

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