Playlist 25.02.17 : Five Songs for the Weekend

Playlist 25.02.17 : Five Songs for the Weekend
Playlist 25.02.17 : Five Songs for the Weekend
Playlist 25.02.17 : Five Songs for the Weekend

NoMBe – Wait

NoMBe has been making waves with a genre defying sound. His debut album They Might’ve Even Loved Me is set to release this year and is inspired by the many women who shape his life: summer flings, girlfriends, high school crushes, even his godmother Chaka Khan.

Today NoMBe is here with “Wait,” a sultry track that showcases his vocals over a soothing guitar line. Speaking on the song, the LA artist told us, “Finally, after a year hiatus from releasing music, in which I’ve spent every waking second dedicated to this body of work, I couldn’t be more proud to share its first iteration “Wait” with you. This song spawns a new chapter for me and marks the release of my debut album, They Might’ve Even Loved Me, a journey of love, sex, heartbreak, and euphoria.

Over the next 10 months I’m giving you my entire album one story at a time. This is a promise from me to you. I gave my all to this and hope it brings you as much pleasure listening as it has given me creating!”

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SNOH AALEGRA – Nothing Burns Like The Cold feat. Vince Staples

The critically acclaimed Persian-slash-Swedish singer Snoh Aalegra comes back after a short break to bless our ears with her moody and alluring new song, “Nothing Burns Like The Cold” featuring some witty bars from Vince Staples. It was premiered earlier this week on Apple Music’s Beats 1 Radio with Ebro Darden.

“Nothing Burns Like The Cold” carries a well-executed vintage sound that is almost reminiscent of the 1940s — and the L.A. based singer’s light vocals fit like a snug glove. In fact, Ebro’s distinct description of it fits beautifully with the sound, “Every song she makes sounds like a period piece, man. Vintage, classic, timeless.” The Long Beach native, Vince Staples, also demonstrates his silky smooth versatility, proving that he can flow like water over any kind of beat.

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ARY – Childhood Dreams

Singer and multi-instrumentalist Ariadne Loinsworth, aka Ary, has been creating a buzz for herself back home in Norway in the past couple of years. After finding success early on in her home country, Ary is now ready to make her name known to international audiences.

Today, the 23-year-old makes an impactful impression with her latest single “Childhood Dreams.” When we were little kids, it was impossible to contain the hopes and dreams we had for ourselves. However, as we get a bit older those dreams can seem to dwindle if we don’t hold onto them. For her new single, Ary taps into these nostalgic, innocent feelings.

“’Childhood Dreams’ was written at a time in my life when everything was very new to me,” Ary explains. “I had just signed with my record label and started working through my demos. At the time I realized how much work I would have to do to make my dreams become my reality. After the song was finished I listened to it and heard the story of how I used to feel. I was experimenting with a lot of sounds and expressions at the time, and without knowing it, I had described my state of mind. I heard myself let go of former connections and take a deep dive into my career and realizing what it takes to reach my full potential. I found it terrifying to do my best, in case that wasn’t good enough. I still do.”

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Emma Jensen – Closer

We here at Purple Sneakers have really had our ears pricked by artists coming out of Scandinavia. Acts like Anna of The North, Thanks and Jesper Jenset have been amongst the latest to grab our attention. The music coming out of this neck of the woods seems to really resonate with Australian audiences. And the talent pool is getting even deeper with Norway’s EMMA JENSEN dropping her latest single ‘Closer’.
‘Closer’ swirls with layers and reverberates with beat. Following a crisp pop structure but never feeling all too confined by it, the song makes for easy listening but can certainly hold up to more pensive perusal.

Emma Jensen nails a really interesting balance with her vocals, they flicker sweetly across the track like a whisper. But they also hold a really strong resonance, ensuring that her voice is the most enticing element in the track’s makeup.

‘Closer’s breakdown is a spectacular highlight, charming and adding a real sense of character to the tune. Bass warbles as an electric guitar riff commands the piece. Adding a touch of old time Rock’n’Roll to the otherwise crystal clear electronica. Emma Jensen makes it difficult to confine her sound to anything too simplistic.

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Mike Collins – Phat Back Beats

MIC launches with some previously unreleased and unheard material from UK DIY jazz-funk maverick, Mike Collins. Mastermind behind the cult outfit Sun Palace, as well as midi programmer & studio technician for Bjork, Cameo and Sakamoto; this stone cold gee is undergoing somewhat of a renewed interest in his phenomenal body of work ever since the BBE licensed Sun Palace album was released just before Christmas. There literally isn’t an aspect of the music industry that Collins hasn’t explored – he’s even been in product development for Yamaha and is well read on copywrite law! Anyway, onto the music – we all know the Loft classic “Rude Movements” right?! Well, this EP carries on where said anthem left off. Vintage drum machines driving classic synthesizers with more than a peppering of funky guitar licks. Five tracks that explore early, proto-house music, electro and fascinating drum machine observation. Essential for anyone into proto house, late boogie and electronic jazz-funk. Also, anyone with an interest in the evolution of dance music across the ages needs to get on this guy right now – one of the true innovators, up there with Francois K and Danny Krivit but not half as well known. Massive.

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