The 31 Best Food Accounts to Follow on Instagram

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Music was one of the main pop culture drivers for much of the 20th century. The advent of rock ‘n roll in the 1950’s had a massive influence on everything from counter-culture to fashion, to social consciousness for generations after its arrival. Hip hop’s popular emergence usurped rock in the 1990’s to become the dominant driver.

The 2000’s onwards, however, may be remembered for the arrival of global food culture and its wider cultural significance on embracing different cultures and gender roles. The last 20 years have seen seismic shift in what we are eating, drinking, to how we shop for food and dining. Farmers markets, craft beer, pop-up restaurants, gluten free, organic, farm to table, celebrity chefs are all ubiquitous terms in the wider food movement that has been embraced.

Here are the 31 best food accounts to follow on Instagram, including chefs, restaurants, bloggers, food stylists and photographers. As with our Top 50 Most Influential Fashion Accounts to Follow, these accounts, in no particular order, may not always have the most number of followers, but are the most visually inspiring and creative accounts we could find. Enjoy. —P


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Top image: @renee_kemps

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