10 Images With: Skye McAlpine, Venice & London

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THIS WEEK’S 10 IMAGES features the snapshots of Skye McAlpine (@skye_mcalpine), a writer, homecook & author of the blog From My Dining Table. Skye splits her time between Venice and London (where her husband works) and contributes to a number of publications, including Vanity Fair, The Sunday Times, Conde Nast Traveller, Town and Country and Food 52.

“Our house in Venice is hidden away in a quiet little corner of the city, perched on the edge of a canal where few boats ever drive by. The kitchen is cozy: it’s a higgledy-piggledy room with dark, ancient wooden beams, and stone floors that are long since warped and cracked from when the water floods in at high tide. At its heart is a big open fire place, a worn marble table and a tired old cooker. It is in this kitchen that I first learned to cook. 

The story of how I came to live in Venice is a serendipitous one, and in that delightfully messy way that life has, it is also kind of tied up in how I came to be a cook and a writer too. I wasn’t born there, nor are my family from there; they moved to Venice when I was tiny and before I can really remember living anywhere else. The plan was to stay for a year, but then one thing lead to another and some twenty-five years on we’re still there. For me it is home.” –Skye McAlpine


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