Playlist 01.11.15 : Five Songs for the Weekend

Cool Uncle (Bobby Caldwell & Jack Splash) – Break Away (feat. Jessie Ware)

If you recognise the names of Caldwell and Splash that’s because they’re both pretty major in their own rights – the former’s oft-covered 1978 track “What You Won’t Do For Love” is a bona fide classic, and the latter has produced for Kendrick Lamar, Missy Elliott, and many more.

Together they’ve formed a new partnership, and have released their collab with Jessie Ware as their first offering. “Break Away” is a slick piano-led piece of classic soul, with chimes, brass, and slinky bass to boot – Ware’s voice fits like a glove in the faintly jazzy surrounds, perfectly mixing with Caldwell’s debonair coo.

Speaking about the partnership, Splash says: “We really have a tremendous amount of fun working together. It’s kind of like we’re both kids in this great big candy shop constantly exploring…I guess that’s REALLY where our common ground is, we both get inspiration from EVERYTHING beautiful, regardless of it’s supposed genre or era.”

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Phoria – Melatonin

For the past five years, Brighton five-piece Phoria have been forging their own space in the world. Electronically-led pop is their game, but it’s the kind that ducks and dives, twisting new shapes like a great big ball of flubber. It’s little wonder they’ve taken their time with building towards a full-length.

The standards are raised with ‘Melatonin’, a brand new single premiering on DIY. Like letting off a smoke bomb in a gorgeous landscape, it’s a song that attempts to dazzle at every moment, without betraying its beauty-first default mode. The title itself refers to a hormone that anticipates darkness, and there’s no doubt ‘Melatonin’ arrives at the perfect time, when the days get shorter and listening to records in pitch black makes total sense.

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Kill J – You’re Good But I’m Better

“You’re Good But I’m Better” may be Kill J’s best song yet, and that’s really saying something. The Danish artist got her start in 2013 with the massive “Phoenix” and has been riding the waves of hype ever since, and living up to every swell: Her follow-ups to that included the cavernous “Cold Stone,” a sweeping extended release called “You Have Another Lover,” and this summer’s piercing “Propaganda.” But “You’re Good” is the cleanest she’s ever sounded, and most potent she’s ever felt. It features pretty much anything you could ever ask for in a pop song: effervescent twinkles, the feeling of submergence. Kill J ison one here, crying for attention while also questioning why she even has to cry in the first place to get it, sneering at one point: “Do I have to slit my fucking wrist to get an answer out of you?” “You’re good but I’m better!” she shouts as her voice is pulled apart in the chorus. It’s what the kids would call a hot track.

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Loyle Carner – Ain’t Nothing Changed

DJ Annie Mac premiered a smooth, jazz-infused new track from South London word-play professional Loyle Carner via her Radio 1 show this week. Featuring particularly smooth production from Rebel Kleff, “Ain’t Nothing Changed” has a laid-back oldschool Hip Hop tinge to it, and adds yet another banger to Loyle’s already impressive back-catalogue.

So far this year, we’ve had deep tracks “Tierney Terrace“, “Florence” (Feat Kwes) and his cover of Kanye’s “Heard Em Say” for Piano Sessions, as well as having already released the masterful A Little Late EP last year, which you definitely should not be sleeping on.

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Pom Poms – Betty

Pom Poms is the new collaboration between vocalist/songwriter Marlene Gold and Grammy-nominated producer Billy Mohler. The LA-based duo share a flare for the dramatic and a passion for essoteric film scores. That’s a killer recipe for a full-bodied debut single like “Betty,” a song that feels like sitting down to watch a rerun of Grease on cable and then switching to Pulp Fictionhalfway through.

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