New Work by Emily Faulstich

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01-New Work by Emily Faulstich | Part 1


THIS MORNING BEGAN true to Monday form, with hackers targeting one of our writer’s, Victoria‘s, account to post spam articles — nearly 30 of them — that filtered through the feeds (Bloglovin, Feedly, etc.) before we quickly managed to get things under control. (Thanks so much to all of you who took the time to write and let us know.) As such, thought it might be a good time for a letter From the Editor, for as you know, we have made a few changes here, including the new, much faster slideshows, which, if you are reading on a phone or tablet, are now swipe-able! There will be more changes to come over the next few weeks, including an all-new travel section that we can not wait to show you.

Happy Monday & wishing you a perfect start to the week,

{p.s.} featured are new photos by Emily Faulstich (Part 1 of 2), whose work has been featured here many times before, and who has also contributed to TIG, read her Cape Town city guide here x




All photos by Emily Faulstich at Hawaiian Coconut

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