Playlist 12.04.15 : Five Songs for the Weekend

Playlist 12.04.15 : Five Songs for the Weekend

If you have been following along with the Playlist, my apologies for missing last week. We were in the midst of launching our brand new shop — — and there just wasn’t enough time. Thankfully, things have returned somewhat to normal. Here are some songs for the week. –P



This first track is Belgian Indie outfit, Balthazar’s, new single “Bunker” from their newly released third LP Thin Walls. Look out for their extensive European tour this spring.



Looking forward to the forthcoming debut album release In Colour by Jamie xx. Here is “Loud Places” featuring Romy Madely Croft from the album out June 1st. Check out the excellent “Gosh” also on the new album, featured on the Playlist a couple of weekends back.



Tame Impala released another track, “Cause I’m a Man” from their upcoming album, Currents, due for release later this year. Check out the phenomenal “Let It Happen” also from the upcoming album.



Another new track release from the Chromatics‘ highly anticipated upcoming project, Dear Tommy, due for release later this year, sees the band take a decidedly more upbeat and jubilant departure on “In Films”.



Pop duo, Soft Lit, are featured on the American Music compilation by the record label Godmode Music with their single “I Can’t Help It”. Look out for their debut EP later this year.




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