Notes from the Weekend & A Few Lovely Links

Notes from the Weekend 30.03.15
Notes from the Weekend 30.03.15

On Sunday, the clocks fell forward and still feeling the effects of loss time, although longer days are so luxurious after the wintertime. These past few days have been rather intense, as we’re finally nearing the launch of our next grand adventure. And with that, this week’s inspirational links include Spring Things in shades of nude and the brightest pink, little white dresses and perfect summer sandals and a how-to for an Easy Twisted Ponytail . . .

More inspiration to come, but for now, hope your week is off to a perfect start,
Roséline xo

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A few lovely links 

* Décor : The Modern Kitchen [SF Girl by Bay]

* New this week : Hair Style Inspiration, Long or Shoulder?

* For Sunday mornings : the perfect summer sandals

* Hair How-to : Easy Twisted Ponytail [The Beauty Department]

* Fashion : The New Little White Dress [Bougeotte]

* Spring Things : Toasted Sugar & Perfect Powder

* On the terrace : Patio Umbrellas [Honestly WTF]

* For a morning blush : this perfect shade of pink

* Ad Campaign : Kendall Jenner for Calvin Klein Jeans [Side Project]

* Best Friends : a two-legged Chihuahua & a Fluffy Chicken [Pinterest]

* Recipe : Sea Salt & Olive Oil Granola [Camille Styles]


& of course, a few things you may have missed …

Hair Style Inspiration: The Long & Short of It
* Playlist 29.03.15 : Five Songs for the Weekend
In the News 27.03.15 : Today’s Articles of Interest from around the Internets
Five Things to Look Forward to this Weekend
On the Table : 75 Images of Table Top Inspiration
From Instagram : 30 Images of Inspiration | No. 20
Interiors Redux | At Home With: Madonna, Ashcombe House, Wiltshire, England
In the News 23.03.15 : Today’s Articles of Interest from around the Internets
From Instagram : 10 Images of Paris with Dear Laura
Notes from the Weekend & A Few Lovely Links





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