Playlist 24.01.15 : Five Songs for the Weekend

Playlist 24.01.15 : Five Songs for the Weekend



Here are a few songs that we have had on rotation this week. Hope your weekend is going well. –P


ELEL are an 8-piece indie band coming out of Nashville and although their debut single “40 Watt” dropped last summer, we are finding their steel drum-laced anthem the perfect antidote for chasing the winter blues. Look out for their album release Geode coming later this year.



We have featured artists from all over the world on the Playlist, but I think Petite Noir is our very first from South Africa. “Shadows” is the latest single release from his recently released EP The King Of Anxiety.



“Going Through It” is the debut release from Bronx-based R&B artist, Wills.



“Air” is the first single from Waxahatchee‘s highly anticipated upcoming third album release, Ivy Trip. Waxahatchee was formed in 2011 by Katie Crutchfield.



“Sleeping In The Back Seat” is a new release from Tigercats, an east London indie-pop quintet. Look out for their sophomore release, Mysteries, due out in February.



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