Hello From Lisbon, Portugal

From the Editor : Hello From Lisbon, Portugal

A Letter From the Editor

THIS NOTE COMES TO YOU from a hotel room in Lisbon, after a very rainy day that was still lovely despite the drenched shoes & Burberry trench. There were croissants and fresh fruit at a late breakfast yesterday morning, flower markets and food markets and a walk along the coast when the rain died down a little and briefly. On this morning’s agenda, after breakfast, the search for the best Pastel de nata in the city . . . Here at This Is Glamorous it will be, as much as possible, business as usual, and if you also follow along on instagram, you can catch glimpses of our daily adventures as they unfold. In the meantime, there are also the TRAVEL archives, DECOR & Fashion and more INSPIRATION . . .

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[imageQueluz palace, an 18th century-royal residence and one of the main Rococo buildings in Portugal]