Playlist 11.10.14 : Five Songs for the Weekend

Playlist 05.10.14 : Five Songs for the Weekend

It has been one of those weeks where I have perceived time to be moving a bit too fast, where the days blur into one other and you wake up Saturday morning wondering how exactly you arrived from the previous Saturday so quickly. Hopefully your days aren’t running into each other with the same speed, but if you are feeling short on time, take a look at the article, “How to Make Time Expand”, from my other column, Articles of Interest. Hope your weekend is going well and thank you for taking the time to stop by the Weekend Playlist. –P.



Tei Shi is a Columbian Singer based in Brooklyn and is being touted as the next big thing. Paul Lester of the Guardian newspaper wrote, “sweetly ethereal, spacious dream-daze avant hyperballads”, which is not a bad way to surmise her latest release “Bassically.” Look out for a full LP early in 2015.



The Night VI are a 6-piece band based in London, who’s sound some have compared to Fleetwood Mac. “Heroine” is taken from the band’s second EP “DIY” out November 17th.



Newcomer from Los Angeles, Kacy Hill, releases her debut song “Experience”.



DJ/production duo, Oliver, give “Dangerous” the Alt hit by Brooklyn-based band, Big Data, a dance remix.



DJ/producer, the Rhythm Scholar, has remixed the hip hop classic “In The Ghetto” by Eric B. and Rakim. The remix is underpinned with the Eagles’ talkbox guitar riff from the 1979 song “Those Shoes“. There are also samples from Elvis, Phil Collins, Bob Seger and James Brown thrown in to this strangely addictive remix.



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