Travel Guide : Bruges Part 2


Travel Guide : Bruges Part 2


Hotel de Orangerie : Kartuizerinnenstraat, 10, 8000, Bruges, West Flanders
Hotel Heritage [Hotel] : 11 Niklaas Desparsstraat, Bruges 8000
De Corenbloem [B&B] : St. Jorisstraat 6, 8000, Bruges, West Flanders
The Pand Hotel [Boutique hotel] : Pandreitje 16, 8000, Bruges, West Flanders
Relais Ravestein [Boutique hotel] : Molenmeers 11 8000 Brugge
Travel Guide : Bruges Part 2
Relais Bourgondisch Cruyce : Wollestraat 41-47, 8000, Bruges, West Flanders
Hotel Ter Duinen [Hotel] : Langerei 52, Bruges 8000
Huyze die Maene [B&B] : Markt 17, 8000, Bruges, West Flanders
Hotel Prinsenhof Bruges [Hotel] : Ontvangersstraat 9, Bruges 8000
Hotel De Tuilerieen [Hotel] : Dijver 7, Bruges 8000

Travel Guide : Bruges Part 2

Pergola Restaurant : Meestraat 8000 | Hotel Die Swaene, Bruges 8000
Hertog Jan : Torhoutsesteenweg 479, Bruges 8200
Park Restaurant : Minderbroederstraat 1, Bruges 8000
Gouden Karpel : Huidenvettersplein 4, 8000 Brugge
Bistro Kok au Vin : Ezelstraat 19/21, Bruges 8000
Den Gouden Harynck : Groeninge 25, Bruges 8000
Travel Guide : Bruges Part 2
De Stove : Kleine Sint-Amandsstraat 4, Bruges 8000
Tanuki : Oude Gentweg 1, Bruges 8000
Assiette Blanche : Philipstockstraat 23-25, Bruges 8000
Sans Cravatte : Langestraat 159, Bruges 8000
Visscherie : Vismarkt 8, Bruges 8000
Kardinaalshof : Sint-Salvatorskerkhof 14, Bruges
Bistro De Schaar : Hooistraat 2, Bruges 8000

City Guide № 9 : Bruges, Part 1
. . . for a coffee break and something sweet : Bittersweet café or Patisserie Van Mullem

. . . and for a special evening, we suggest Le Mystique or Patrick Devos “Zilveren Pauw”

Travel Guide : Bruges Part 2


Castle ten Berghe : Proot Dudzeelsesteenweg 311, Bruges 8000
Groeninge Museum : Dijver 12  8000
St. Walburga’s Church : Sint-Maartensplein, 800
Palace of the Liberty of Bruges : Burg 11
Burg : [see map] * Memling Museum : Mariastraat 38, 8000

Travel Guide : Bruges Part 2
Church of Our Lady : Vrouwekerkhof Zuid, Bruges 8000
Diamond Museum : Katelijnestraat 43, Bruges B-8000
Beguinage [Begijnhof] : Wijngaardstraat
Arentshuis : Dijver 16, Bruges 8000
Choco-Story | The Chocolate Museum : Wijnzakstraat 2 | Sint-Jansplein, Bruges 8000
Historium Brugge : Markt 1, Bruges 8000
Historic Centre of Bruges : [see map]

Travel Guide : Bruges Part 2


01 | Enjoy an afternoon picnic on Minnewater Lake; not only are the views picturesque, but so very refreshing; a lovely spot to unwind, and take a step away from the hustle and bustle.

02 |  The Lace Center [Kantcentrum] is certainly a must, as one can enjoy the museum and also, live demonstration.  In fact, the live demonstration is a wonderful way to appreciate the process and ask questions of the craftspeople.

03 | Spend the morning at The Markt — a fabulous shopping destination, brimming with hundreds of gift shops and places to dine, certainly worth a visit during your stay.

04 | Be sure to tour the city by boat through the canals — showcasing a different view of the city entirely — it is truly a must while you are visiting Bruges.

Travel Guide : Bruges Part 2
05 | If you are so inclined, dip into the very best of chocolate-tasting by starting off with a visit to the Chocolate Museum.  Observe chocolate-making live or book into a workshop and learn how to make the most decadent pralines, truffles, and more!

06 | If you are a fan of beer, Belgium is certainly a place to enjoy a glass or two!  If you are inclined, stop in at Bacchus Cornelius or Bierbrasserie Cambrinus.

07 | Head to Rolweg [street] and its historic folklore—one of the most lovely and charming streets in all of the city.  One will discover a re-created cobbler’s workshop and even an inn. [click here for more information]

Travel Guide : Bruges Part 2


Chronos Antique Gallery [antiques] : Braambergstraat 12
Delvaux [accessories] : Breidelstraat 2
Dille en Kamille [concept store] : Simon Stevinpleini 17-18
Rue Blanche [ladies fashion] : Simon Stevin Plein 16
Galante [shoes] : Vlamingstraat 32  8000
Printemps Couture [ladies fashion] : Zuidzandstraat 5

Meire [concept store] : Geldmuntstraat 6
Designed by Callebert [home décor] : Wollestraat 25
Knapp-Targa [concept store] : Zuidzandstraat 20-22 8000 Brugge
De Corte [fine pens, etc.] : Noordzanstraat 23
Peter Quijo [jewelry] : Breidelstraat 18

Travel Guide : Bruges Part 2


Well certainly, chocolates! You may also discover a wonderful antique piece for your home from one of the many lovely antique shops, be it a fabulous painting or chair perhaps.  You might also pick up a piece or two of jewelry or fashion, all designed locally.

Travel Guide : Bruges Part 2
[see full list of our recommendations, under where to shop, above]


If you plan to visit during the Springtime, and as you will be near the water’s edge, it might be best to plan in light layers.  Be sure to pack your classic, favorite trench for daytime strolling, an umbrella, and some scarves for keeping cozy and stylish, as temperatures and rainfall may occur at any time, and weather is said to be unpredictable [though rest assured, even on the most grey of days, the city is incredibly lovely].



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