Bonus Playlist : The Best Rihanna Covers

Bonus Playlist : The Best Rhianna Covers

Here are five stripped down cover versions of some of Rihanna’s biggest hits. They may lack the chart-topping polish of the originals, but somehow these pared down versions featuring male singers manage to be charmingly evocative in a different context to the originals. Hope you enjoy. -P


British singer-songwriter Jamie Cullum covers “Don’t stop the Music”.


We featured this cover of “Stay” by folk rockers Mighty Oaks on our weekend playlist last month and thought it was so brilliant, we included it again.


Coldplay do a live version of “We found Love”.


British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran performs an acoustic version of “We found Love”.


Scottish emo rockers Biffy Clyro perform a live version of “Umbrella”.


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