Playlist 11.04.14 : Five Songs for the Weekend

Playlist 11.04.14 : Five Songs for the Weekend

From Belgian Fog’s new wave homage, to Nas’s less obvious “It Ain’t Hard to Tell” sampled with Michael Jackson’s “Human Nature”, this week’s playlist has a definite 80’s feel. Here they are–Five Songs for the Weekend–enjoy. –P.


Experimental quartet Glass Animals from Oxford, were recently signed to the Wolf Tone label. After a successful showcase at the South by Southwest festival, their song “Gooey” is blowing up right now.


“Dress up” is a lush electro pop fusion track from the LP Old Fears by David Brewis [of Field Music’s] solo project School of Language.


“Loveless Way” is an 80’s new wave-tinged single from the self-produced Belgian Fog. Not much is known about Belgian Fog, other than the name of the recording artist, Robert Dale, who currently lives in Seattle. He appears to be somewhat of a mystery man, who could well be the next big thing, in spite of himself.


“Fresh War” is a single from Total War’s second LP, Typical System, and a little reminiscent of The Cure’s 1987 track, “Just Like Heaven“.


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