Top Five Favourite Ted Talks to Inspire your Week & Perhaps, Life

Ted Talks are a fantastic resource to draw inspiration from some of the world’s most creative thinkers. Here are five of our favourite talks at This Is Glamorous:

Richard Branson is Founder & CEO of the Virgin Group which oversees 400 companies worldwide. Since the 1970’s Branson has amassed a net worth of over 5 Billion dollars. In this Q&A, Branson discusses his philosophy on building a successful business, his life and passions.

A very funny and entertaining talk by Rory Sutherland, Creative Director at the Ogilvy Group, that explores the relationship between reality and perceptions and the way these effect our beliefs and behaviours.

French product and interior designer, Phillip Starck, famous for his democratic, for the masses approach to design, discusses his philosophy of creative thinking and evolution of intelligence.

This talk from 2003 is still relevant today. Author and entrepreneur, Seth Godin, talks about differentiating yourself in a crowded marketplace and how marketing towards influencers can spread your ideas.

Entreprenuer Derek Sivers delivers a humorous anecdote on leadership.

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