{hope you’re having a beautiful weekend & a few lovely links}

{hope you're having a beautiful weekend & a few lovely links}

 AND IT HAS BEEN a working weekend, the kind where chocolate and popcorn is brought in and scented candles are lit, the kind one settles into when there’s much to be done; the kind where mornings are fuelled by too many cups of coffee and the nervous excitement that invariably comes before the launch of something monumental and long-anticipated.  And when all is said and done, there will be champagne, but for now, it’s back to work, and the best part is that we, [p&i] are in this together . . .

Hope you’re having a romantic late autumn weekend, and that it’s beautiful where you are, —Roséline xo

 a f e w  l o v e l y l i n k s

* for holiday entertaining : these coasters & this gold cocktail shaker
* to do : exhibition, gilded new york [nymag.com]
* belle de jour : lee radziwill [mybougeotte.com]
* recipe – healthy : chia seed pudding [vogue.co.uk]
* recipe – decadent : frozen chocolate cheesecake [jacquelynclark.com]
* typhoon haiyan help : british red crossamerican red cross to donate
* [or text 0845 054 7200 to dontate by phone in the uk]

NEW | for the weekend

* fashion inspiration : kate spade holiday 2013
* places : the house hotel, galatasaray, istanbul, turkey
* recipe : coconut milk sourdough pancakes

{as always, a few beautiful things you may have missed:}

* colour inspiration : smokey violet & dusky lavender
* new work from hawaiian coconut & a few lovely links

[image : little labyrinth]