{two lovely things : shades of blush & champagne}

. . . and it feels as if things were in a quiet lull, in that very small place in time just before everything happens at once, the calm before the storm; there are a few features that have been in the works for a while now, and some new interviews and at least three very enormous, extravagantly exciting projects still to come, but for now, amidst the peonies and candlelight, shall bask in the calm and in shades of blush and champagne before it all begins again . . .

RECENT | two lovely things

* gallery walls, paris
* falling for fuchsia
* bedside tables & gallery walls
* perfect neutrals & bits of gold 1
* perfect neutrals & bits of gold 2
* carrara marble
* january roses
* high tea
* the dinner party
* everything gilded
* ribbons & braids
* unmistakably french


[images : one, photography by robert barto // two]